Secular Sunday XV – El Presidente

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Last month, the Spokane Secular Society (formerly the Spokane Atheists) elected me president of the organization. It’s definitely an honor, but the position carries with it a certain number of less-than-desirable duties.

For example, I am in charge of determining where and when we meet. To date, we’ve been meeting on Sundays – a sort of tongue-in-cheek nod toward the fact that we know none of us will be in church. And although that has worked out well so far, every other secular group in Spokane does pretty much the same thing. On top of that, we’ve been meeting at the house of our vice president, which although free, can’t accommodate more than about a dozen people.

My new goal is to find a place in Spokane that:

  • Is centrally located (downtown is ideal)
  • Has parking (there should be a lot of it, and it should be free)
  • Is inexpensive to use (again, free is ideal)
  • Can accommodate about 50 people

Can anyone think of an adequate venue?

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  1. I think the biggest problem you will face is the parking issue. Most of the churches downtown don’t have free parking, but if you continue to me on Sundays no one needs to feed the meters.

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