Secular Sunday XVIII – Creationism: A Cautionary Tale

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  1. I have reservations about these types of angry attacks on Christianity. Is it really helping our cause?

    Attacks will prompt a defensive response, and someone who might have been on the fence before will retreat further into the comfort and protection of religion. I don’t think ridiculing them is the answer.

    I think TIME is the answer (in the newspost, under the comic). Of course, that will take a great number of years. For now, I would preach (haha) the benefits of atheism.

  2. I wouldn’t say that this is an angry attack on Christianity. No more so than Weiner’s comic in the newspost to which you linked. In fact, both say basically the same thing (given time and a particular set of beliefs, you’ll either be a smart, productive human being, or you’ll like puddin).

    The author of the video is the creator of, and the intended audience is atheists. A lot of atheist humor is derived from embellished and stereotypical observations of those with differing viewpoints. In the case of this video, it’s not so much Christians in general that are being made fun of as, say, Southern Baptists.

    While I agree that poking the bear is never a good idea, the fact that Christians tend to overreact in their rebuttals shouldn’t stop us from having some fun at their expense. Everyone is the butt of the joke at some point, and if they can’t handle it, there isn’t really anything we can do about it.

  3. Wait, I DO like pudding… OMG!

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