Secular Sunday XX – Crossing Over

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Anyone who claims to be psychic isn’t, and although there are some people out there who genuinely believe they have “the gift,” there are many others who know full well they’re lying to people.

Remember how John Edward used to be really popular in the United States? Well, he fell out of popularity here (although I can’t confirm it, I heard it was due to him being exposed several times) and moved to Australia where he quickly become popular again.

Edward was accused of cold reading, which is basically just guessing using vague generalities until you get a “hit.” Here’s a clip of some people making fun of John Edward and the cold reading technique. Obviously the video is embellishing how bad of a cold reader Edward is, right? Well, not so much, actually. In fact, most of their lines are taken directly from this episode of Crossing Over. Edward is such a bad cold reader that this is almost painful to watch.

For a video filled with embellishments, check out this clip of Will Ferrell as John Edward.

I’d love to see one more spoof video: Crossing Over with John Edwards. Perhaps someone can convince him to do it.

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