Seth MacFarlane Owes Me $3.10

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So, late Thursday night I =finally= received word from TicketMaster that the Seth MacFarlane show had been cancelled. I was also told that all of my money would automatically be credited back to my credit card, less $3.10 for processing fees.

Why did it take so damn long for them to do this? I knew that the show was cancelled weeks before it finally was. Tickets were on sale up through Thursday, and I’m sure there were probably people buying tickets that whole time. How many people are going to be out $3.10 for no good reason? And what about people like me who are coming in from out of town to see the show? Thankfully I’m staying with Kris and Lindy, but other people could have made reservations at a hotel. Morah and I drove, but what about anyone who bought a plane ticket? How much money are other people losing because of cancellation fees?

When I was living in Hawaii, there was a promoter who would advertise that big acts were coming to town, while knowing full well that they weren’t. What they would do is sell tickets to these huge concerts where several famous bands would perform (akin to the Vans Warped Tour), so people would buy tickets because they thought a band they really liked would be there. Then, at the last minute, they would announce that the band wasn’t coming. The idea was that people would think, “well, I already bought the ticket…” and still go, instead of demanding a refund. The promoter ended up getting caught and had to stop doing it. And I’m certainly not accusing Monqui Presents of doing this, I was just reminded of it from a previous experience.

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