She’s Back

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She invaded my dreams last night. It’s been a while. I dreamed I was back in Hawaii and She was yelling at me. The dream was so unsettling that I woke up. It was 1:01 in the morning. I lay in bed for about five minutes before going to the bathroom and getting a drink of water. I went back to bed and hugged Morah tightly, but she was too warm to hold on to, so I lay on my back again. I stared at the ceiling and thought about the dream. It made me really sad.

The last time I looked at the clock before I fell back asleep, it read 1:14.

All day I’ve been thinking about it, off and on. I hope She doesn’t hate me when I see Her again. I love Her, in a way. I guess. I certainly don’t hate Her and I’m not mad at Her anymore.

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