Shopping at Safeway

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Morah and I went shopping at Safeway instead of Albertsons because we’re going to a Super Bowl football game party and I like Safeway’s chicken strips better. We decided that, since we were already at Safeway, we might as well do all of our shopping there.

You know what I noticed? More hot young women shop at Safeway than at Albertsons. I’m not sure why that’s the case, but it was definitely noticeable.

While we were standing in the checkout line, I overheard the conversation of two other shoppers:

Woman: “The man I’m seeing doesn’t really like to watch football.”

Man: “Well, then he’s a communist.”


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  1. He’s right: the woman’s boyfriend is a Communist!

    As for hot women at Safeway, there are a few at the one in Cheney that are very attractive. Even after Emily left!

  2. I don’t mean the women working at Safeway, I mean the women shopping there. Tons of them!

  3. Tom D

    Ok, so which Safeway is this? 😉

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