Sisna Sucks

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At EWU, we were given the ability to connect to the internet for free via a company called Sisna. Everyone I know that used Sisna complained about how crappy they are.

At work, Sisna provides us with web space (they may also provide us with internet access, but I’m not sure). Before I go on, let me make something perfectly clear: IN NO WAY AM I REPRESENTING KAYU FOX 28. I am merely making this post as a user of the internet and someone who has had multiple experiences with Sisna.

That having been said, Sisna sucks. Big time.

They won’t let us have a database on our site “for security reasons” and I just found out that PHP pages won’t run on their servers. Talk about crappy service. In fact, it’s so bad that I’m not sure you can even call it service.

In an attempt to find out exactly what types of pages can be used on their servers, I ventured to their web site where I found this little doozie in their user agreement:

11. Any Internet activity, which references back to the Company or its services in a damaging manner, will result in suspension or termination of account(s). Illegal Internet activity using or referencing to the Company or an account or services provided by the Company will result in immediate termination, possible prosecution, and assessment of legal fees accrued.

When you put something like this in your UA, you’re just asking for people to lambaste you.

Excuse me while I go research a new company to host our website.

P.S. Again, I feel compelled to point out that my opinion is in no way connected to KAYU FOX 28 and is an observation made completely separate from my employment at said company.

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