So Far, So Good

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Morah has been completely on board with my ideas for no T.V. after work and following a schedule. On the evening of the 1st, instead of watching T.V., we created our schedule and have been adhering to it since. So far, it has gone quite well. I do feel like I have a little less free time than I’d like, although we’ve gone to bed early the past couple of days, so that could have something to do with it. I wish the buses had WiFi on them; then I could read most of my feeds on the rides to and from work. At any rate, the schedule can be adjusted if we feel like we need more free time.

We have been pretty productive overall, though. Having a list of activities and a set amount of time we plan to spend on them has helped us get things done that we otherwise wouldn’t have. We did an analysis of why we weren’t doing things like flossing or our traction, and I think we have our schedule set up in such a way that we’ll be able to start doing them from now on.

As for counting calories, I haven’t started yet, but I have been much more aware of what – and how much – I’m eating. Work is tough, though, because everyone has candy dishes at their desks! I’m constantly surrounded by chocolaty temptation. Not to mention that we’re right next door to a Rocket Bakery, which is ever-so-tasty!

I must be strong, however. The end goal is far and hard to reach, but definitely worth much more than fun-size Snickers bar and a jalapeño-cheddar bagel.

Also, I do have a new masthead in the works. I had hoped to have it done by the 1st, but clearly that didn’t happen. This weekend, I promise!

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  1. LG

    Sounds like you’re totally motivated, which is half the fight of maintaining any sort of goals. I’m halfway motivated right now … my first priority is to get moved, but after I get there and get semi-settled I’m going to get serious about a few things!

  2. Lindy

    This may not be feasible but couldn’t you load your daily blogs on your computer with the internet connection at home and then just keep them up so you can read them on the bus? You wouldn’t be able to link to any new pages but at least the pages you loaded would be there.

  3. For some reason I thought I saw an add on the bus that said it had wifi. Maybe its just the Cheney/Spokane bus. Or maybe I saw something about asking to get wifi on the bus. Hmm?

  4. The buses with the accordion-looking bit in the middle have WiFi, and none of the buses I ride are like that.

    I had thought about pre-loading the web pages, then reading them offline on the bus, although I haven’t tried it yet.

  5. Brynna

    Holy crap if only we were that motivated.

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