Spring Break Part 2

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Saturday morning found us eating yet another too-large breakfast. We left Morah’s grandparent’s house rather full, which had me worried that I wouldn’t get to eat a ton of good Seattle food. It’s a real toss-up, since Morah’s gran’s food is also really good.

Before we left Yakima, I called Kris to let him know we were on our way. He told me that he had a day of food planned for us, which left me excited, but further fueled my fears of being full (how’s that alliteration for you?).

After another long, boring drive, we made it to Seattle.

Wait, before we got to Seattle, we stopped in North Bend (I don’t know where that is, either). The only reason we stopped there was to use the bathroom at the McDonald’s. As I was getting back on the freeway, I spotted an ENG microphone on the side of the onramp. I thought about pulling over and picking it up, but, for some dumb reason, I just kept driving. As soon as it was too late to pull over, I regretted not having done so. After all, even if the mic was no good anymore, at least I wouldn’t spend the rest of my life wondering about it!

Okay, back on track. So we got to Seattle. I was nervous about driving in the city because I’ve been there before and I’ve seen how people there drive. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do any driving downtown while we were there. The roads we were on were either residential roads, not-as-busy main roads, or the freeway. In fact, the traffic didn’t seem so bad this time. Then again, I haven’t seen it during rush hour on a weekday, so…

We made it to Kris and Lindy’s place without any trouble, courtesy of Google Maps. We arrived and got the grand tour (the building they live in is pretty cool and they have an awesome office “nook” thing). By this time, I was starting to get hungry again (somewhat to my surprise and much to my relief) and Kris suggested we head out to lunch.

We headed over to the international district and to a dim sum restaurant called Purple Dot Cafe. I’m glad that Kris knew how it worked, because I would have been completely lost. We sat down and I noticed that we were the only white people in the place.

The food started coming around immediately (yet another reason to love dim sum), so Kris and Lindy chose a few things that they knew were good. One of the things they chose was rice. The rice came wrapped in some kind of leaf (I don’t remember what it was. I’m sure Kris will post a comment and let us all know) and had a bit of meat in it. It was amazing. In fact, pretty much everything I ate was incredible. Considering how full I felt after breakfast, I was surprised at how much I was able to eat at lunch. We stuffed ourselves silly (I mean, damn! I thought I was full after breakfast, but this time I was fuller. Or something) and headed out to see the rest of the city.

On our way back to the car, we popped into a grocery store and bought Japanese food. I got wasabi doodles (crispy wasabi cracker things. A bit like wasabi flavoured arare) and Morah got Japanese gum and whistle candy. I was the only one of us who had ever seen whistle candy before (living in Hawaii tends to expose you to crap like that). Whistle candy looks a lot like Life Savers, except that the hole in the middle is smaller so that you can blow (or suck) air through it and make a whistling noise.

Yes, it is =very= annoying.

I had never been up the Space Needle before (at least, not that I’m aware of), so we went downtown and did that. At the top, they were having a wine tasting, so Kris, Morah and I partook. Lindy didn’t want to, but there were commemorative glasses and she wanted one of those. Kris paid the extra five dollars (the cost to taste two wines and take home a commemorative glass) and had a bit of a time explaining to the people working there that he only wanted the glass, not the wine that he paid for. The people seemed to have a hard time understanding that he didn’t want two more glasses of wine, he just wanted one more commemorative glass.

As it turns out, buying the glass for five dollars upstairs was a good idea. The exact same glass down in the gift shop was $6.95 and didn’t come with a two-glass wine tasting.

After the Space Needle, we went to the EMP and visited the Science Fiction Museum. It was pretty damn cool. There were props and costumes from films that I had seen. Seeing them up close and in person was, as a filmmaker myself, so damn cool.

We were pretty much just killing time until dinner, which wasn’t until nine o’clock. Kris had gotten reservations at a place called The Melting Pot. Now, I’ve always poo-pooed fondue, calling it “dead” and “dumb”. I felt rather like a hypocrite as we walked in and sat down. I couldn’t stop thinking about the fondue episode of That 70s Show, where the fondue party turns out to be a disaster, but Kris and Lindy assured me that I was in for a real treat.

Aaron, a friend of ours from film school, also joined us for dinner. I was glad to see him again and catch up on the fact that, since we last saw each other, not much had changed in our lives.

I could go on forever about how amazing the food was (appetizers of cheese, bread, fruits, and vegetables; a dinner that included stuff like beef, shrimp and lobster with about a zillion dipping sauces; dessert that had us dipping stuff like fruit, cheesecake, and brownies into hot, gooey chocolate), but I’ll spare you all the delicious, melty details. Suffice to say, I am now a fan of fondue.

The only downside to The Melting Pot is the price. The bill for Morah and I came to over $100 (I won’t say how much over, but not a lot). That’s just Morah and I. The entire bill was almost $300. Still, the food was amazing and there was a ton of it. So, once again, I was stuffed silly.

We all went back to Kris and Lindy’s flat and chatted until about two in the morning, when we decided that we had better get to sleep as Kris was supposed to go to work at eleven the next morning.

I’ll leave you with that for now. I’ll post part three (the last part) of my spring break story tomorrow. And Kris, if you’re reading this, don’t forget to tell us about the leaves at the dim sum place.

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  1. Kris

    Lotus leaf rice/ ???/rumi ji (I hope the Chinese characters show up in most browsers…not really sure…at any rate, if you only see a bunch of gibberish in the middle, that’s what happened).

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