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So, as you may have noticed, the Friday Funday for this past Friday got bollocksed up. I forgot to set the category, so it wasn’t showing up anywhere. Fixed now. -)

Did anyone watch Crossing Jordon last night? I didn’t get to find out who the copycat killer was and am curious to know, but am too lazy to Google it. Also, what was in the box of cigarettes that he/she stole from Jordon? And is it just me, or is Alicia Coppola a fox?

Have you seen the new holiday-themed Target ads? They remind me of the Old Navy ads from a few years ago. Their trendiness aside, one of the main reasons I dislike Old Navy is because I hate their ads. The new Target ads are eliciting the same reaction as their Old Navy predecessors. Too bad, since Target has had some really kick-ass ads in the past.

I got my business cheques in the post today. They’re awesome. I also got my endorsement stamp. Time to start making money and putting all this stuff to use!

There was something else I was going to mention, but I can’t remember what. If I remember, I’ll update.

Oh, by the way: LOOK! Snow on the outdoor webcam!

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  1. No relation to Francis Ford? What the hell?

  2. I don’t hate the new Target ads as much as I hated th Old Navy ones, but every time one starts I do think it is for Old Navy. I guess my love for Target lets me look past the lame commercials.

    Hey have you heard about the movie that dare not speak it’s name? Fuck

    (, it very interesting wish it was out on video now then I could have used it today in my presentation.

  3. Oh and I can see you. He he he.

  4. Maybe I would think she was hot if you put up a link to a picture of her!

  5. Honestly, Mike, that takes even less effort than finding out what the ending of Crossing Jordon was.

    Here ya go, ya lazy ass. -Þ

  6. Thank you. Was that so hard?

    By the way, she is pretty hot

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