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A number of you have been asking me about the big news that I alluded to in my post The Start of a New Chapter. I told those who asked that was I waiting until after I was no longer working at KAYU to make the announcement, and that day has finally come.

Morah and I have been talking a lot about where we want to live. The four cities that keep coming up are Spokane, Seattle, Honolulu, and Portland. A while back, we decided that I would try to get a job in Honolulu, and we would move there, and as hard as it might be, we would make it work. We made some initial plans, I applied for a fantastic job, and we prepared to have the cat be allowed to skip having to stay in quarantine. Right around the time we realized I didn’t get the job, we also realized that moving to Hawaii just wasn’t feasible. It’s way too expensive, and all of the problems that existed when I lived there before are still present, and in some cases, much worse.

Seattle was our next great hope, as we were already fairly familiar with the city and we have several friends who live there. Seattle has a ton of things going for it, but it also has a number of drawbacks that for us were deal breakers. It’s an expensive city to live in, buying a house is tough unless you live outside of the city, there’s a ton of horrible traffic (especially if you live outside of the city), and the public education system in Seattle is less-than-desirable. My parents know some people who moved to Spokane from Seattle and their kids, who are quite clever, were actually behind their Spokane classmates and really struggled to catch up. Honolulu also has that problem, and as much as we’d like to send our kids to private school, it’s tough to afford while living in either city.

We went to Portland for our first anniversary with an ulterior motive: to scope out the city and decide if it’s somewhere we want to live. Portland is a beautiful city and has a lot to offer, but after talking about it, Morah and I both decided that it’s not our first choice.

In the end, Spokane is still where we want to live. That’s not to say that Spokane doesn’t have its own drawbacks, but it has a number of positives going for it, not the least of which have to do with raising a family.

So that brings me to the big news.

I know what you’re all expecting me to say, and I admit that I’m teasing you a little bit on purpose.

Morah is… Not pregnant. Not yet, anyway. The big news is that we are going to buy a house in Spokane and settle down. The time line for moving is sometime in the next 6 months, as the housing market in Spokane is currently amazing for buyers. If we can buy a house before spring, all the better, as prices will likely go back up a bit (because, honestly, who wants to move in the winter? If it saves me a few thousand dollars, I do!).

I also said I would talk about how I got the job. People always ask if I was looking, and I’m never quite sure how to reply. The basic answer is yes, but at the same time, I wasn’t looking for this job. In fact, I hadn’t even really begun to look for jobs in Spokane when this one found me.

I’ve known for several months that I had outgrown my position at KAYU. Even if we hadn’t made the switch to the MyFox platform, my job wasn’t teaching me anything new, had ceased to be much of a challenge, and wasn’t paying me anywhere near what someone with my skills and experience should be. To their credit, when they found out I was leaving, they offered me a very significant raise, but it wasn’t as much as what I’ll be making at KAI.

So if I wasn’t looking, how did I find the job? Well, it found me. My friend Tom invited me to a hockey game, saying that another friend of his was coming and he wanted the two of us to meet. I had never been to a hockey game before, so that was pretty cool. Tom’s friend, Brandon, is also a web developer and he’s been mulling over a project that he and Tom want to put together. They told me about it (it sounds pretty cool) and Brandon asked about my background. I explained to him what I do and what I’m capable of, and he said, “actually, where I work, we’re looking for someone with those exact qualifications. You should apply.” He gave me his business card and told me a few times throughout the night that I really should apply.

I e-mailed him to ask for more details about the job, and he put me in touch with his boss. She and I e-mailed back and forth, set up an interview, and they eventually offered me the position.

Leaving KAYU is definitely tough. It was a good job with people I liked, and one that afforded me a lot of freedom and room for personal growth. But like I said, I had simply outgrown it, and with Morah and I wanting to settle down, I need something that pays closer to my earning potential. KAI will offer more money, but also a wealth of experiences and knowledge that I would never be exposed to at KAYU.

So there you have it. Morah and I in Spokane. Better public schools, easier to buy a house, less annoying traffic, lower cost of living, and most importantly, we’ll be very close to our families. And you know what that means: free babysitting.

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  1. Cool! Now we won’t be lonely! Of course if you need help moving let us know. And yeah, call your family about babysitting.

  2. Dianne

    Mike – Tom and I will help with the moving, you and Emily can do the babysitting.


  3. Dianne, no offense, but NO!

    Please keep feeding me 🙂

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