The Christmas Spirit

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Many people who know me also know that I dislike Christmas music. The reason for this is because, when I was in high school, I worked at a Christmas store for a few months — and yes, one of those months was December.

While working there, I had to listen to Christmas music most of the time, until the Christmas season rolled around, at which point I had to listen to it all the time. The store has long since closed, but even back when I quit, I had heard enough Christmas music to last me for the rest of my life.

As Christmas rolls around each year, shops and radio stations begin to play Christmas music, which inevitably annoys me, mostly because it seems to happen earlier each year. My worst nightmare is that eventually Boxing Day will become the first shopping day of the Christmas season, and we’ll be stuck listening to the crap all year long.

Despite my dislike of Christmas music, there is one day on which I enjoy listening to it, and that’s Christmas day itself. There is a certain feeling of completeness that Christmas music lends to the day, and while I could live quite happily without it, Christmas certainly wouldn’t be the same.

I may be a bit of a Scrooge in the days leading up to Christmas, but I am always happy to be with friends and family, eating good food, opening presents, and taking a moment to celebrate life. I hope this day, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, finds you with friends and family, eating good food, opening presents, and celebrating life to the fullest.

Secular Season’s Greetings!

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  1. Brynna

    I hear you. Working in the Durango mall over the holidays…I almost couldn’t bear to listen to Christmas music ever again. Or Bob the Builder.

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