The ENT’s Little White Lies

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I called the ENT and they told me that the reason it hurts more is because I’m entering the ‘worst part of the procedure.’ Huh? How come nobody told me this before? I guess what’s happening is that the scabs are falling off. I really should try to get a picture of the scabs for ALLO. The whole back of my throat is white. It looks like I fell asleep outside with my mouth open and it snowed in my mouth. I asked the woman at the ENT why the scabs are white and she didn’t know. Anyway, they’re supposed to start coming off so for the next few days I’m supposed to be in extreme pain. She told me that, odd as it sounds, the more water I drink, the less it will hurt. Something tells me she’s never had her tonsils out. I’m sorry, but it hurts like hell to swallow =ANYTHING=. I bet it’s just a ploy to make sure people keep themselves well hydrated. Which I do. I guess I can stand the pain for a couple of days while the scabs fall off. I just hope they come off quickly. Hopefully swallowing all that water encourages them to come off. Now all I have to worry about is water poisoning…

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