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Below is a strange comment that was left on my Cancer Cards and Greeting Cards Are Too Impersonal post the other day. It’s quite clearly spam, but it’s kind of entertaining, so I’ve published it here for you to read (since I’m going to delete it from the original post).

I have left the comment as posted, with the exception of the line breaks, which were all wonky.

Posted on 20 September 2009 by RobertCeccarelli <> (

The Loan Consultants

Does anyone be enduring any circumstance with It’s basically a non-edited database of consumer complaints. Anyone can enter a “narrative” and rumour just about anything scarcely you regardless of the realize or validity of the identify (thick companies be tribulation with things posted like “The CEO is a pedophile”). The anecdotal is then posted and repayment in spite of assorted companies instantly shows up on end 1.

Swindle opprobrious Prosper purposefulness not liquidate the report. They commission you to amassment a riposte – or on a worth, the “redactor” pressure postal employ something next to the exact stating that it is false. What is purportedly a suitable usefulness to consumers is basically nothing more than an extortion scheme.

I am wondering what the choicest feeling to give birth to in mind something like this touched in the origin the foremost runner of google results. It seems like a established would be subjected to to judge measures such as releasing steam releases and other documents and multiply the amount of in-bound links in consist ency to whack the pilfer off the insigne detonation too abandon in the SERP. I’m virtuous wondering if anyone else has any see with with this website. appreciation you !

There can be benefits from having a unresponsive judge or two on all to get there, as lengthy as what they’re saying isn’t ascetically mortification (i.e. “the CEO is a pedophile”). If the unaccommodating reveal is an right to time customer lap site, resolving the job and posting a experienced, serious advent detailing what you did to commit oneself it can as a matter of fact be a positive . But assuming set aside after whatever why and wherefore that’s not an election, the tactics you’re looking in vicinity of would drop into the list of “online noted someone is concerned management.”

Here are links to Andy Beal’s “beginner’s conductor” seeking esteem ed directing, and his 10 Ways to Manage a Google Stature Management Nightmare. Perhaps there hanker after be some ideas profitable for you in there. It’s not a slam-dunk — you can’t trust any of these things yearn solve to sufficiently “compress down” the offending admission to make b marshal it far the foremost ripen — but the nice of steps Andy outlines are maybe your most excellently hazard if that’s your aim.

It’s not axiomatically a topic of predominant perestroika rights – what this rib is doing is protected further the Communications Decency Instruction, which basically says that you can be au fait of bitter glad online, do nothing here it, and self-possession not be defame as a replacement an eye to it. Since he is not the anybody exactly literature the extent – he can’t be held libel. The person who started the plat has been dodging court cases to make off to years – there is an article encircling him here : Reasonably nutty clobber – but it looks like some SEO’s are directing their incident toward companies who compel ought to been listed on the encourage b operator nutty bang – there are PPC ads that be broached up when you search “remove integument disappointing inquire into” and their are undamaged companies who are selling SEO services to “liquidate” or basically secrete the listing in the SERP.

It is amicable of like what Scott said – people have all the hallmarks to be using the very tactics to withdraw c give rise to them down – and of development, there are people into the free hauteur there who are using the all the same tactics to then again scam the already scammed.

I accede to that having substandard publicity is not as feculent as it may sound. As they report: gambler execrable publicity than no person knows if you ends b body at all. We procure our allocate of heinousness publicity instigated about some morons because our editors rejected their “scraps” trap sites or because they were too torpid to proceed with our Raise the white flag Guidelines in the basic place. Sole factor you categorize to reminisce once again that all negativity in most cases viewed as rants fashion they had slightly dominate credibility if at all but as eternally there purposefulness be some people who intention gather up creditable what they are reading and commitment made their minds about your new zealand or pinpoint but then again they believe that skies are falling too .

Here’s a thought… What happens when you plenty there as a client and post a snitching tell on their own (convoy) tactics and what they suppose ($$$) as a prescription for you to scrutinize and godlike it up and still it is on no account removed? Be known a SCAM on the scam that it is . All the same if they emend or transport it, then it goes to your Reporting Article (on your website) that they keen not post Nicking Reports there themselves? Unreduced could in all strong get a fix on a hysterical send for careless that partnership and wager nigh course of their rules…

Once on the prime chapter of Google (your execute on them), I’ll have fun they would be avid to talk, strikingly if they took the verbatim at the same era rights they cd controlled at near and did not concede you to distend someone in on against them (removed theirs, but participate in guidelines in compensation everybody else who can’t do the anyhow).

Mendacious to assert the least, huh? Oh!, and when they DO call? Comprise your terms in the interest of appendum likely or fetch of ammending all layed out cold looking for them… with a dividend $$ benefit of all YOUR trouble . I like it!!! But then again, I am unendingly a see skewed in some of my thoughts. (But some of them get been wholly booming) Double edged sword, this Internet can be… (adoY) I cogitate on that would be more the chump if it was on a install with a more unaffiliated pre-eminence – e.g. “Issue Reviews”.

In summing-up to what amberto described conceptual ok, a cardinal charge kettle of fish is that it’s on a plat called “ripoff reports” to rather commence with. Whether noticeably or not, unconscious or headstrong, the classify conclusion here is that every assemblage mentioned on this website is a “ripoff”. In other words, most if not all businesses would less be trial with no somebody on the locale than emphatic comments. Trained and civilized replies are a admissible viewpoint, but that’s a double-edged sword because it noble helps the occupation and page-boy rank higher . No reservations there are disposed to reasonable complaints on there, but how to justly arrange it out? Anyone can achromatic rush at on there and pomposity bankroll b reverse anything they can contemplate of (with no answerability) because a dealing wouldn’t concede them to swop a show after the stated proceeds period .

The landlord “Ed” pulls in a allotment of affluence from donations (methodical no matter what it’s not a non-profit), extorting businesses, and advertising revenue. The extortion corner is “Ripoff Communication Corporate Advocacy Program”. I don’t recant how it’s explained on the ordering, but businesses possess been charged $50,000 and more with a impression this “designation”.

It’s from a to z a moral scam actually . Furthermore , anyone who posts there is not crack wrest their own grouse removed or edited . The spot isn’t what it seems, so ironically is a ripoff. It’s a dexterous scam, but it’s clearly a scam . There are some ways in which the place games/has gamed the search engines (specifically Google), to immodest as fabulously as they do, so with any luck they’ll wake up to that. This superior be less of an issuing when Google stops giving them so much clout in the search results .

At near the fall down, I infer from where people did experiments and tried to send “reports” on the precincts all unembellished, Google, or sponsors at, and the reports were not ever approved.

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  1. SueAnne

    haha This looks like someone from a foreign country was hired to write and translate into English some SEO for another company in order to disparage The Ripoff Report’s name. It’s clearly not written by someone familiar with the English language, and it’s loaded with keywords, yet most of it doesn’t make any sense at all. Gibberish.

  2. Mara

    Wow. “Self-possession not be defame as a replacement an eye to it.” That’s profound I think. Maybe. Nah. But I could definitely see a dirty man on a crate shouting it in the streets.

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