The Perfect Storm

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Last night we went downtown to see Spokane’s fireworks show. Overall, it was pretty good. It lasted forever, though. It was easily fifteen minutes long (perhaps longer). In my opinion, fireworks shows shouldn’t be longer than about ten minutes, unless they’re really well choreographed. It’s just hard to keep the audience’s attention when you keep showing the same thing over and over.

More exciting than the fireworks show was the crazy-ass storm that blew in immediately after (on the way back to our car, it started to rain. The fireworks started thirty minutes early and thank goodness they did!). Just prior to and during the show, lightning was arcing through the clouds and brilliant flashes of light would, from time to time, overshadow the fireworks show. In fact, the audience reacted more to the storm than they did to any of the fireworks.

On the drive home, it rained and hailed, and the night sky was lit up every few seconds by giant, bright bolts of lightning. What really interested me was the sheer frequency of the bolts. I’m used to storms where you see lightning every few minutes. This was almost constant.

One final note about last night: It was hot as hell! We almost turned on the air conditioner in our flat because it was so hot (we eventually decided not to). Just to give you an idea of how hot it was, at 10pm, it was over eighty degrees outside.

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  1. Sara

    You really need to start using your air conditioner!! Why don’t you??

  2. Tom Dineen

    I feel Guilty, I was at a dinner party on the orth side of downtown, where we could see from the valley t out to Aiway eights, and well, on the left were man’s fireworks, and on the right, mother natures… Man can’t hold a candle.

  3. We don’t use our air conditioner because we don’t want to have to pay for it if we don’t have to. And the other night, we didn’t have to. Yeah, it was really hot, but by morning, I wanted the blanket on.

    I don’t want people to think I’m some kind of miser, though. If it had been much hotter, I would have turned it on. One factor that weighed heavily in the decision not to use it is the fact that it’s on the complete opposite side of our flat, so it would have had to cool the entire flat before our bedroom would have felt relief.

  4. Then buy a fan! They’re cheap, and don’t use a lot of electricity.

  5. Lindy

    Ahh – I miss the balmy Spokane nights. At least you have an air conditioner for those just in case moments. Remember our apartment in Cheney?

  6. @Mike – We have a fan!

    @Lindy – Do I ever. Now =that= was hot. If had been that hot in our flat the other night, I wouldn’t have hesitated to turn the A.C. on.

  7. Keke

    Hey T you should see the fireworks show they put on every year here in Louisville. Its call Thunder Over Louisville. It is always a week before Derby. It will last close to 30 minuets. Thunder is for the locals where as Derby is for the crazy rich people who fly in to see horses run. So the locals leave after thunder, unless you are working derby, which you can make close to a grand in two days. No kidding. If you are good those crazy rich people will put out.

    It is always ridiculous to try to drive out of there. I live really close to the River Front where they have it so I am not affected as much. Its fun though.

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