This Is Too Good

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I just blogged about the Segway, and now that I’m poking around their site, I realize how truly lame their technology is. There’s a section on their site where you’re supposed to put in your address and they’ll show you how much more distance you can cover by using a Segway as opposed to walking. So I put in my address and two little maps pop up. The first map is supposed to show me how far I would get after traveling on foot for 20 minutes. The star on the map is right where my house should be, so I guess I didn’t get anywhere in 20 minutes. The second map is supposed to show me how far I would get after traveling on a Segway for 20 minutes. After careful examination, I realize that it is the exact same map, just zoomed about a bit. The star is in the exact same place on the Segway map as it is on the “travel on foot” map.

Actually, now that I think about it, this website is quite accurate. I never travel anywhere on foot, opting to drive, get a ride, or catch the bus instead. Furthermore, I would never own a Segway, which I have deemed to be stupid, useless, and a future bane to our society. So, in fact, if I ever had to leave the house, it would not be using one of those two options, therefore the stars on those two maps are, quite accurately, over my house.

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