Totally Lost

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Lost FigurinesThe new seasons of T.V. shows have me totally lost.

Because of the writer’s strike, which concluded just over a year ago, nearly every T.V. show that wasn’t in syndication got pushed off by a year (even if it didn’t need to be). The reason the networks did this was because they didn’t know how long the strike would last, and they didn’t want to run out of episodes partway through the season. As a result, they simply stopped the shows and canceled the rest of the season. They even pushed off pilots for new shows.

Besides being kind of annoying, the big problem that I’m having with my shows – now that they’ve resumed – is that I have no idea who certain characters are, even though I know I should.

Before you read on, be aware that there might be some spoilers below.

For example, in Lost, when Ben is in L.A. he goes to a church to see an older woman. The way the scene is shot and edited, it’s clear that I’m supposed to be shocked when they reveal the woman’s identity. She does look vaguely familiar, but I don’t know if she’s from an episode in one of the previous seasons, or if I just recognize her because she’s an actor and probably appeared in something else.

I’ve had a similar problem with 24. From the way the show is written, I guess I’m supposed to remember Colonel Dubaku, but honestly, I don’t. Was he in a previous season? Was he in that weird little 2 hour long mini-episode, 24: Redemption? (The answer, by the way, is that he is from 24: Redemption. I looked it up.)

The same thing has happened with a character in Heroes. Seriously, it’s pretty frustrating.

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  1. Lost…Heroes…24…

    I think I know what your problem is. You just need to watch better TV shows.

    BA-DOOM-CHING! I’ll be here all week, folks.

    (No, but seriously…24?!)

  2. What’s wrong with 24? Have you seen the chick they have on there this season?

    Those are actually the worst shows I watch, and I pretty much only watch them because they each had strong seasons earlier in the series and I want to know how the story lines get resolved.

    Really, though, the solution is to stop watching T.V. altogether, which is what I’ll do when each show reaches its series finale.

  3. Don’t use Internet Explorer.

    Now, this may seem unrelated, but it isn’t. See, I had written up a long response with lots of tidbits of information (including, for example, the identity of the mysterious woman) and what shows are on now that are great that you’re probably not watching….. but _before I clicked Post_ I tried to open your Lost picture in a new tab.

    But I clicked wrong.

    When I came back this page, my comment was gone. Now, Firefox saves the previous page (and everything on it) (this is why Firefox uses so much memory), so it would have still had my long post.

    But I’m not in Firefox. I was just going to check my mail real quick, and I didn’t want to load 340 tabs to do so. So I’m in IE.

    And it’s good, every once in a while, to get these little reminders of just HOW BAD IE is and why I don’t use it anymore. FUCK.

    Anyway, she’s Eloise Hawking, she guided Desmond when he was back in time at the start of season 3, Lostpedia will have more info, don’t watch Heroes it’s pants. DAMMIT.

    Stupid Internet Explorer! Fucking thing sucks!

  4. I agree with Kris’s 24 comment. I can’t understand watching it on purpose. With that said there are a lot of shows I enjoy but are also total crap. Anyway. I haven’t been able to get back into Lost since the season premiere. Maybe I’ll try again next week. I find that I don’t really miss much if I skip a few episodes because they tend to repeat themselves a lot in the show oh and the time line is similar to a soap opera, in that is takes 45 mins to reveal what happens in like two mins. I’m rambling because it’s 7:00 pm on Presidents Day and I’m at work still. I finished a half an hour ago but the bus doesn’t leave until 7:20 so I’m stuck her for about 5 more mins. I hate waiting at the plaza when it’s cold outside. I’m guess everyone has stopped reading this by now so I should really end the comment. Before I go may I add one last thing. I enjoy eating thetender flesh of virgin…oh you are still reading, never mind then.

  5. Phoenix, just do it live. Fuck it!

    Kris, you just got on our bad side with your 24 comment! Sure, it’s not great TV. But, as Thomas pointed out, it has hot chicks (one of them being new cast member Janeane Garofalo). It also has explosions. What’s wrong with that?

    If you haven’t seen 24: Redemption yet…don’t. It’s not that good, and you already know what happens in it anyway since it’s explained in the first few episodes this season.

    Best show on TV right now: Burn Notice, followed closely by Psych. I’m also really getting into Lie to Me. So far it’s the best new show this year.

  6. Mmm, tender virgin flesh….

    Sorry for my foul language in the above comment. Internet Explorer is indeed a terrible browser, and I shouldn’t have been using it. Nevertheless, it was no excuse to curse up your comments section. I apologize.

  7. I think you guys are all forgetting that I don’t have cable.

    @Phoenix – Fuck it. -)

  8. There’s Hulu. And other means, if you catch my drift…

  9. And by “other means”, Mike — I assume you mean legally purchasing cable access, right?

    After all, to use Thomas’ own words, watching television is a privilege, not a right. 😉

  10. Mike’s suggestions are available on Hulu.

    Burn Notice, Psych, Lie to Me (The real-world techniques to spot deception are good, but the cast apart from the lead are all a bit rubbish)

    Other great shows on TV the Internet right now:

    Battlestar Galactica (If you were caught up, you could watch new episodes here)


    Life (It’s like we’re living in the future)

    The Office

    I’ve heard good things about Dexter, but there’s no source for it on the Internet. I also enjoy The Mentalist, which only requires CBS, not cable.

  11. I’m not saying that the shows I mentioned in the post are the only shows we watch. We do watch Psych and House, among others. I’m not going to start watching any new shows, though. I really have better things to do.

  12. Kris, of course that’s what I mean. What else would it be?

    Phoenix, I have season one of Dexter. I’ve only had the chance to watch the first two episodes. It’s interesting. Good, but yeah, interesting.

  13. Dexter is an awesome show. Morah and I have seen through season 2.

  14. If you have better things to do then why create posts complaining about tv? It is one of those things that if you ignore it, it will go away. If you’re not watching tv you don’t hear about tv. It’s very self contained that way. I’m not being mean about it I just don’t understand if you feel something is beneath you or useless to you why then do you rail against it. It’s like being a vegetarian or religious. It’s your personal choice to do something you feel is better for you, but when you spend time and energy complaining about the people who do the opposite then your furthering your own frustration. It’s your right to not like tv just like its my right to believe in a god. But if I were to start posting about how I hate atheist because they have a short sighted view of the world and like to make religious people feel stupid and ignorant, you would say that I should get over it and keep my opinions to myself. I’m say that to you. I’m just trying to understand why you put the time into complaining about. And as I read over this comment I’m wondering the same thing about myself. (I’m really not trying to be bitching I’m just trying to start asserting my opinions more and not shy away from saying things because of some ridiculous anxiety over being rejected by friends.

  15. If there are two things I know to be true about people (Americans in particular) it’s that we’re inherently lazy and we like to complain.

    Just because I have better things to do doesn’t mean I’m going to jump right up and do them. In fact, the whole reason I stopped watch T.V. on T.V. was to free up my time in the evenings to do other things. And hey, that worked. But I do still like to be entertained, and I became invested in several shows before my decision to stop watching. This is why I plan to watch those shows through until each series is over (or until they suck unbearably), and why I don’t want to start watching new shows.

    If you don’t like my soapbox, don’t come around. Just as I have the right to bitch, you have the right not to read it. I noticed that your blog has quite a few belly-aching few posts as well. But I understand. Our blogs are a place to complain. It’s a way to tell the world what we think, even if our thoughts are irrational or malformed, and even if no one is actually listening.

    Your comment is an interesting one, however, as I never considered this post to be “bitching” or “complaining” so much as an observation and a little vented frustration. I certainly try not to post whiny entries.

    Let me bring this all back around for you. Why write a post complaining about T.V. if I have better things to do? Well, Emily, my blog is one of those “better things.” In fact, paying greater attention to it is one of my resolutions for this year. Am I a little desperate for material? Some days, sure. And on those days, perhaps there will be a whiny post. And on those days, perhaps anyone who doesn’t want to read my rant shouldn’t.

    And good for you for asserting your opinions; that’s what starts a stimulating conversation. After all, look how many comments there are on this post!

  16. Mara

    I don’t care if you’re all bitching, debating, venting, or whatever you want to call it. I think it’s entertaining. Thanks, guys!

    By the way, Dexter is the best show ever. Brent and I blazed through the first two seasons in no time. We stayed up into the early morning on a couple of weeknights because we just couldn’t sleep not knowing!

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