US Airways 1549 Animation and David Malki ! Phone Greeting

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I just have a couple of links to share with you today. First, this neat animation of US Airways 1549 with the audio between the cockpit and ground control. It really helps give you a sense of not only what happened, but how calm Sully stayed during the whole thing. That’s one of the things I love about pilots - they always seem to have a calm, laid back voice.

David Malki !, author of the always funny webcomic Wondermark, will be calling people for free during the month of March. I know I’d certainly appreciate a call. Are there any other David Malki ! fans out there? We could schedule calls for each other. Just sayin’.

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  1. My first thought was “Why would I want David Malki ! to call me? Isn’t he that creepy guy that flushed whiskey through his nasal passageways?” As it turns out, that was Drew from Toothpaste for Dinner. I don’t like Drew, because he doesn’t understand RSS (after having it explained to him repeatedly) and is fucking retarded. And have you read his comic? It seems he’s only funny on accident, and that very rarely. 🙁 Also, HE FLUSHED WHISKEY THROUGH HIS NOSE. I am not a fan.

    Drew also makes Married To The Sea (not to be confused with i blame the sea from the excellent A Softer World crew), which, like Wondermark, uses old-timey illustrations. No, David Malki ! is the guy behind A.R.A.C.H.N.I.D. (speaking of, have you all watched Expendable?). David Malki ! is much funnier than Drew.

    ANYway. So, you’re saying you want a call? What is your noteworthy event?

    (also, am I missing any links I could have included? There’s a lot of non-blue text left)

  2. Yeah, Drew is a moron and I don’t like him either. In fact, Married to the Sea is definitely only funny about once a month. I’m deleting it from my comic lineup right now.

    Why should David Malki ! call me? Um… Perhaps because I have a goatee, which is like a beard for cheaters and I should really grow it out into a proper beard? I don’t know. Use your imagination.

    Oh yeah, Expendable is awesome. Just around the time he announced it on his site, I had come up with a similar idea about a group of I.T. guys that work for an evil corporation.

  3. FRACKING FIREFOX. The latest version is pretty fucking unstable, and I am getting UNSTABLE USING IT.

    &#(% I had a long comment here. What was it?

    Do the IT guys thing, it’s different enough blah blah, I want an interrobang after my name blah blah Phoenix ‽


    I had some Wikipedia edits open, too. They’re lost as well. Poo. 🙁

    I am a sad panda.

  4. Brynna

    So I was flipping through the Daily Lobo (UNM’s newspaper) and looking at their generally lame comic section and lo and behold! Wondermark! I’m sure everyone but me went “WTF?!”

    Why for will he call me? For anything?

    Also: was the I.T. people working for the evil corporation what we were all talking about in the car on the way to Seattle before your wedding? You know, with the janitor that pops out in unexpected places and calls his mop “Christine”? I still think about that.

  5. @Brynna – The I.T. people thing might have been the one we were talking about. I can never remember all of my ideas.

    And yeah, David Malki ! will call for pretty much any reason. The goofier the better, I’m sure.

  6. “I think a group of IT guys working for an evil corporation is different enough that you should still do it. Seriously!

    Also, I love how David Malki ! always has an exclamation mark after his name. Now I want an interrobang after my name, but that would be copying. Or homage? Phoenix ‽”

    That’s what I originally wrote (that’s it? I remember writing a lot. I guess it was mostly on the wikipedia edits). Once again, it was waiting for me once I re-opened FF. And once again, I take back the mean things I said about FF behind its back. I just wish it would stop bending me over.

  7. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that all good things come with at least a little anal rape.

    Wait a minute…

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