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Above is a clip from season 10, episode 3 of the mega-awesome British T.V. show, Top Gear. If you’re at all involved with film or video, watch the clip; this is how to do it right.

I’ve seen Hollywood action films with mind-bogglingly large budgets that don’t come anywhere near the quality of this. Everything about it is fantastic, from the premise — because let’s face it: who doesn’t want to see the world’s fastest and most expensive full-production car go up against a jet fighter? — to the execution.

Look at how it’s shot and edited. Listen to both the use of sound (by which I mean both sound effects and music) as well as the absence of sound. Marvel in the unique frame composition, the depth of field, the set ups and pay offs. The shooting style, the saturated colors, the vignetting; everything about this video fills your senses, draws you in, and bleeds pure, unadulterated cool.

This is how stories were meant to be told.

Richard Hammond has some good one liners: “As drag races go, you will agree, this is quite a good one.” “So I’m fighting for the Germans in a battle against the RAF!” “This is the best race in history!” And what I think is the best line in the video: “If you’re watching thinking this is cool, it is.”

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  1. Beautiful. I felt like I was watching a reality tv show about James Bond. Just beautiful.

  2. Tom D

    Don’t tell me you just now discovered the amazingness of Top Gear Thomas. If you think this is great, you should check out their roughing up the toughest car in existence, the ’80s Toyota Truck, the race to a Football game on $100 Pounds, across the channel, etc. etc. If you want to get me, let alone yourself a gift for xmas, think All seasons on DVD. 😉

  3. I’ve known about Top Gear for quite a while, and the show has always been done really well, but this clip really caught my attention.

  4. Tom D

    Just ribb’en you there Thomas, But yes, it is one great example of the talent and skill behind this wonderful show.

  5. Lindy

    Two words – FUCKING AWESOME!

  6. Phoenix

    It was the Reliant -> Space Shuttle clip that turned me.

    (And the World’s Smallest Production Car clip that reminded me to come back to this post.)

    I need to start watching this show.

  7. Yeah, the Reliant Space Shuttle was a good one. -)

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