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Here’s one I meant to post a long time ago and recently found while doing some cleaning. TV stations like to post viewer comments in their employee break rooms because, quite frankly, it’s fun to laugh at stupid people. So this guy called us up to complain and, since one was around at four in the morning, he left a message, which the receptionist typed up and posted in the break room for our enjoyment. So, for your enjoyment, here it is (includes original spelling and grammar errors):

12-21-03 4:15am Male Caller

Carl Jenson called from Kennewick. He was upset that instead of Enterprise being on at 6pm Sat, as advertised, there was a college basketball game on.

Some of his thoughts are…

We don’t need no more of that bull crap on there. You just leave the *&%^ – blasted Enterprise on there the way you had it advertised. I already got a complaint in with the FCC, against this TV channel (with you guys in Spokane as well as here in Tri-cities) because you guys lie – that’s called fraud. You advertise in the TV guide that Enterprise will be on at 6pm and guess what? You got some stupid college basketball game on…

We’re trekies here, and we want our *&^%-blasted Enterprise on when it’s supposed to be – I don’t care it it’s a re-run or not. Put the stupid games on at 4 in the morning when people aren’t interested in it.

Wait, put the games on at 4am? Isn’t that when this guy called us?

We also had someone call us and complain that FOX News wasn’t covering some something or other dealing with the recent election. He was upset because he felt that FOX News was the most professional and objective news station around. I know I work for FOX, but if what this guy says is true, this country is truly fucked.

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