Weird Habits

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How many of you have weird habits?

For example, when I walk past things, I tend to touch them. For example, when I walk down the stairs at work, there is a soffit overhead that I usually reach up and touch. Often when I walk through doorways, I touch the doorknob or doorjamb. When we walk through department stores, I feel the fabrics of the clothing on the racks (not on other people, of course).

Another (possibly weird) habit is that I almost always smell food before I eat it or use it in cooking. This is perhaps less weird as it serves a practical purpose (ensuring that the food hasn’t gone bad), but it has become so second nature as to be described as a habit.

I’m sure I have others that I can’t think of, or of which I’m not aware, but I wanted to hear from you to find out what sorts of weird habits my readers have. So let’s hear it — tell us about your weird habits by leaving a comment.

Update: I thought of another one! I can’t believe I forgot to mention this as it’s one of my favorites. I love (love!) to peel that static plastic off of new products. You know the kind; it usually comes on plastic stuff (for example, the screens of mobile phones) to protect it. There’s a similar plastic film that has a slight stickiness to it that I don’t care for quite as much, but I do still enjoy peeling it off as well.

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  1. Weird habits, huh? Well, I have too many to name. One of my odder ones is counting stairs. Whenever I walk up or down stairs I count how many there are. But possibly the strangest is that I can actually remember how many there are in a building. For instance, Thomas, in your house there are 7 (I believe. Could be 6, but I’m pretty sure it’s 7) steps both to the upstairs part of the house, as well as to the basement. In Patterson Hall at EWU, a building I haven’t been to in over a year, there are two sets of 12 steps in-between each floor. To get to our old apartment, you have to walk up 6 stairs, then down a flight of 10, then an additional 3. Basement of Emily’s parents’ house? 11, then 1. I don’t know why I do this.

    I also tend to look for sets of three. This includes whether a number is divisible by three, whether the number of letters a word has is divisible by three, etc.

    Still want to hang out with this crazy guy?

  2. Actually, I kind of like the idea of looking for sets of 3. I’m going to start doing that when I get bored.

  3. Michelle

    yep, I’m a smeller too. It’s weird, I smell *everything*. I can’t figure out why!

    Sweaters, food, new toys. It’s like I’m part canine.

  4. Whenever I’m unpacking a new computer at work, there’s a particular power adapter that I love to smell. Something about the smell of the air in that bag brings me great joy.

    Come to think of it, doing that is probably technically illegal.

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