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What a busy weekend! Morah and I had originally planned to head up to Sandpoint, but by Friday, it was clear that the weather was going to be pretty drab all weekend long. We didn’t want to be stuck indoors all day, so we decided to just stay around Spokane.

On Saturday, we met up with my parents and a bunch of family friends from Hawaii. They were in town to do some work on a house they own. We decided it would be fun to help them work on the house, so Sunday morning found us in Coeur d’Alene in grubby clothes.

Lately, I’ve been on this kick to learn how to do as much home building and maintenance as possible. Morah and I will very likely own a home in the near future, and I want to ready to tackle whatever comes our way. Morah spent most of the day working on the hedges in the front (they were a huge chore that took two people most of the day to get done). I tackled a wider range of jobs, starting with sanding and staining, then gardening (all that Ask This Old House really payed off here), then I built some new steps that were falling apart, and finally, I learned how to apply mud and tape to drywall. It was a long day, but the work wasn’t too terribly difficult and I’m definitely glad I did it.

I took Monday and Tuesday off of work because I needed to use up my vacation days, and I don’t like to be gone from work for too long at a time (since I’m really the only person who knows what’s going on with the website).

Now, when most people take time off from work, it’s to relax, right? I mean, they aren’t called vacation days for no reason. Instead, Morah and I ran errands all over town. We went to Goodwill, and the bank, and the post office, and up to my parents’ house. We went to Hastings, and Albertsons, and Costco. We went to a few other places to get things done that had been on “to do” lists for ages. It was a busy couple of days, but I’m glad we took the time to do it all. I think we can count this all toward my goal of get caught up.

Another bright spot in our otherwise busy days was that we tried to eat at restaurants we hadn’t been to before. Most people take living in a city for granted. They think, “I live here, I can do that or eat there anytime I want.” Few people actually do it, though. So in an attempt not to take Spokane for granted, we’ve been trying to explore the city a bit more. This includes eating where we’ve never eaten before. I had never had lunch at Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle, and since we were headed north anyway, we decided to stop. Although it was panned by a local food critic, I thought the food was pretty decent. The milkshake was definitely worth going for!

Tuesday’s lunch was a lat-minute affair, and we had planned to one restaurant, then decided on another that we happened to drive by (we were running a little late for an appointment). The Perry Street Cafe was a funky little place with less-than-attractive atmosphere, but the food was good. While I felt like it came a little later than it should have, we did still make it to the appointment on time.

Overheard while eating there:

Patron: “Do you know what that building is over there?”

Waitress: “It’s a Buddhist temple.”

Patron: “Have you ever been inside?”

Waitress: “No, I’m a good Catholic.”


Dinner last night took a while to figure out because we couldn’t decide what we wanted to eat. We thought about going to a local tapas bar, but after looking at their menu online, we just couldn’t justify spending that much money on that little food. Sushi, however, was tiny food that we were willing to spend a lot of money on, so we headed down to Shogun. This is typically known as a teppanyaki restaurant, but tucked away in a dark and deserted corner (seriously) is one of the best sushi bars in Spokane; at least, so I’ve read. Spokane isn’t exactly a bastion of great sushi, what with the coast being three hundred miles away, so I’ve always been wary of sushi bars. One review called it, “equal to the places I’ve tried in Seattle.” And it was really good! There was, perhaps, a bit too much wasabi on some of the nigiri, but I would definitely go back again. And when the bill came, I was pleasantly surprised. Morah and I both left stuffed and satisfied.

We were having so much fun hanging out together all day and trying new places to eat that neither of us wanted to return to work today. Alas, that sushi won’t pay for itself.

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  1. We went to Shogun on my….9th birthday I think. Theres a picture lying around my house of me and my dad all dressed up.


  2. We’ll have to go to Shogun sometime soon.

    I love the Milk Bottle! Best hamburgers, fries, and shakes in town. And cheap.

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