What a Crazy Few Days it’s Been

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A few days ago the C-SPAN School Bus was in town, so I went and checked it out (I’m a nerd like that, what can I say?). It was pretty cool; I want one. While I was there a reporter from Q6 showed up (bear in mind I work for KREM-2) and wouldn’t let me leave without being interviewed. I never got to see the interview, but apparently it wasn’t all that amazing. I would have like to have seen how I looked and sounded on TV, plus I’d like to put the video on my site. Perhaps I’ll contact Q6 and try to get a copy of the air check.

Yesterday Morah, my sister and I went to a park not too far down the road and caught crayfish (or crawdads, whatever you want to call them) to keep as pets. It was tough going, we only managed to find two. The first one was quite small as far as crayfish in the area go, but it was better than having nothing. Shortly before we gave up all hope, I saw a =HUGE= one just walking across the bottom of the river in a shallow bit, so I whipped the net down and scooped it up. Since we had previously decided that we only wanted two, we left happy. Driving home with about fifteen to twenty gallons of water sloshing around in the car wasn’t much fun, but we managed to get home without making too big of a mess (thanks to a hell of a lot of cling film). We stuck them out in the back yard in a kind of pond thing that we set up in the dog’s old cage. We couldn’t see them yesterday because the water was still really murky from transporting it (with sand and dirt and stuff), but this morning we looked for them and found the small one. I’m a little bit concerned about the big one because we couldn’t find it and this thing is gigantic. I can’t imagine that it’s hiding in the pond somewhere where we can’t see it, it’s really just too big for that. But the little one is still there (and alive), so I assume the big one is okay.

Yesterday afternoon (after the whole crayfish thing) Morah and I drove up to Sandpoint and stayed the night at my family’s cabin. It was nice to be up there again, especially with Morah. It was all very romantic to be up there in the woods with no one to bother us and nothing to worry about. Just how romantic, however, I leave to your imagination. -)

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