Where The Banshees Live And They Do Live Well

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So yeah, we saw Stonehenge today. I did a few Eddie Izzard routines, but no one in my family has any idea what I’m talking about. I didn’t know that you couldn’t walk right up to the stones. Mum says you used to be able to, but I guess they had a big problem with people chipping little pieces off to take home with them.

We also went to the Roman baths. They were… Well, I wouldn’t bathe in them. This one woman was lounging near the main pool and swishing her fingers around in the water, then she put her hand up to her face and sniffed her fingers. Ashley and I lost it. The people standing near us looked at us as though we were mad. It was a grand time.

So far I’ve taken over 120 pictures. Probably close to 150. I figured out that I can take over 1000, so I’m just snapping away at whatever catches my fancy.

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