Where’s a cop when you need one? Oh, right in front of me…

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Well, well, well. I’m still working on the new site design. I’m quite a bit further than before. Especially good, I think, since I had to format my computer the other day.

So today I was driving down Division (the main drag in Spokane), and this guy pulls between me and a cop car in front of me and drives for about 3 or 4 miles with his blinker on. Three or four =MILES=, people. It’s annoying enough for a short while, but to see it over most of Division (and right behind a cop car, no less) was =extra= annoying. I think one of the reasons the cop didn’t do anything was because he already had some guy in the back of the car. I tried to get a picture for ALLO, but blinker guy was in the way.

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