Where’s The Fire?

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People are amazing. To quote a friend, ‘If you don’t, everyday, say to yourself, “my God, the world is =crawling= with stupid people!” well then I have some bad news for you.’ Today I was shopping with my mom (and my cuddle-buddy) in Safeway. We’re walking along minding our own business when all of a sudden the fire alarm goes off, sending an eardrum-shattering tone throughout the store. Everybody stops, looks bewildered for a second, then continues shopping with no regard for their safety. It’s a fire alarm! Get the fuck out of the store! I mean, we just kept shopping as well, but who wants to be the freak that abandons their shopping cart and high-tails it out of the store? I just found it humorous that for the ten minutes that the alarm was going off, the most people did to protect themselves was look annoyed and cover their ears.

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