Whip It Good

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Argle bargle. I feel so crappy. My throat hurts a lot. So does my neck because I have to sleep sitting up. I have to sleep sitting up because I can’t lie on my back and breath out of my nose at the same time. I can breath in and out of my mouth, and in my nose, but not out. So when I lie on my back and try to breath out my nose, I choke and panic. So that’s no good.

I just learned that Mark Mothersbaugh does the music for Rugrats. That’s really cool. In case you didn’t know, Mark Mothersbaugh is one of the guys from Devo (remember the song “Whip It”?) and he did a good portion of the music from Rushmore (1998).

Anyway, I just thought I’d mention that I’m feeling crappy and that I miss Morah and love her. I might get to see her on Dec. 22nd. If possible, she’s going to come into Spokane and we’ll go Christmas shopping together, then come home and make a gourmet lunch for my family (what with my being such an excellent cook and all). -)

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