Winning at the Wine Tasting

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Morah and I went to a wine tasting tonight that the wine steward at our grocery store told us about (is that the kind of thing that only happens in Spokane?). I tried a little over a dozen wines, and best of all, I won a bottle of wine! Both Graham (the wine steward) and Mike (the general manager of Twigs, where the tasting was held) said that the wine is supposed to be very good. We’re excited to try it!

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  1. Mara

    That sounds like fun – did you come across anything wonderful?

  2. My favorite of the evening was a Rodney Strong Chardonnay. I also enjoyed the Ghost Pines Cabernet, and they had a Mountain Dome Brut, which is always nice.

  3. NDN LUV

    Thomas is so hot right now.

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