Worst. Hours. Evar.

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Most people are familiar with the term, “banker’s hours,” which basically means a short working day. We all know that banks have lousy hours, but the United States Postal Service could give any bank a run for its money.

When do you work? The stereotypical work day is from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M., with a lunch break at noon, and I think it’s safe to say that most people work those hours – including the employees at the USPS.

Since I work during the hours the post office is open, I can’t go before or after work. Could I go at lunch? Perhaps, but have you ever tried that? Everyone else is there! And how many employees are working at the front desk during this time of peak patronage? Just a single, lackadaisical clerk.

Well, it’s inconvenient, but I’ll just wait until Saturday, right? Sorry, folks. That might work with the bank, but you can forget about it when it comes to the post office.

To be completely fair, these hours only apply to my local post office. There are other post offices that keep much more reasonable hours – including being open on the weekend! Still, having to go to a post office that isn’t in my neighborhood is rather inconvenient.

I think from now on, I’m going to find a way for everything to be done digitally.

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  1. LG

    The USPS will come pick stuff up … and you can buy stamps and all of that crap online.

    I know this because I’m lazy really smart.

  2. Part of the problem is that this isn’t just a letter, so I can’t simply slap a stamp on it and call it good. I need to pay whatever the postage is going to be for the size and weight of the envelope.

    Now, if I can do that online, then I’ll be in business. Next time, anyway, since I’ve made plans to be able to get to the post office before it closes today.

  3. You can do that online, but you do need to have a postage scale and their not worth buy for a once in a great while use. Some post offices have scale in the lobby by the PO boxes, but I haven’t seen one in Spokane. There’s one probably at the big one down town. If I remember correctly they have all the prices and that online and the Post Office generally takes you at your word, that is you could buy a label online and slap it on your package and as long as it doesn’t go over the weight no one owes any more money.

  4. Actually, I just looked online and you don’t need a postal scale to purchase shipping labels online. They have it set up on their website.

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