14 million x 12 million

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Wow. I’m a real wild-child. I’m at work right now (at the radio station). You should see the setup I’ve got in here. You see, the computer I’m on right now is the only one I have access to that has access to the Internet. Thing is, no one is supposed to know that it has Internet access. The point of the computer is to broadcast our signal over the Internet; something the station stopped doing over a year ago. But the computer is still configured for it, which means it’s also still hooked up to the Net. The only problem with using it is that it’s in the production room, not the broadcast booth. Now, being 1337, I’ve got plenty of cat-5 cable just hanging around waiting to be used. So I snagged one that I felt would be sufficient in length and brought it to work with me. After a whole bunch of moving things around and hauling the damn thing into the booth, I hooked it up and fired it up. Success. I am a golden god. So here I am, blogging from work, like a naughty DJ.

While it’s nice to be able to sit at the board and blog (or do whatever), the situation is not without its downside. For instance, should anyone randomly show up (two people have already, which is very odd for 10pm on a Friday night at a Jazz station, in Cheney…), I could get into big trouble (and perhaps lose my job, though I wouldn’t count this as a huge offense). Also, the computer is a Macintosh (gag, cough) with a maximum screen resolution of 8×6 (hundred). Argle. I yearn for my 14 million x 12 million, or whatever it is I keep it on. The highest my monitor and computer will allow (and I suppose the graphics card has something to do with it). If my computer could achieve higher resolutions, I would view on them. I don’t understand why more people don’t switch to 1024×768. It’s not my personal choice, but it’s a lot better than 8×6. At least we’re past 640×480 (although I’m sure some people are still using it somewhere). My dad said he has this thing on his computer that told him that the optimal resolution was no longer 8×6, but 1024×768. So there you go. Change your frickin’ resolution you nub.

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