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Holy crap, being sick sucks

I’ve been sick since September 19 and no one can figure out why. Four doctors with 100 years of experience between them are all baffled. What the fuck? School is good. Morah is amazing. There is no way for you to understand our relationship unless you’ve had a friend like this before, and chances are, you haven’t. I truly feel lucky to know her and am glad she has come into my life. *sigh* If only…

Today’s forecast: Warm temperatures in the afternoon moving to cooler temperatures at night. Extended forcast shows lower temperatures for the rest of the weekend.

For Morah

‘Kiss me on the eyelids, make bad things go away.

Kiss me on my forehead, make everything ok.

Hold my face real steady, I don’t want you to miss,

Cos the remedy for all my pain is jus 1 kiss.’

Kissalude by Basement Jaxx

‘Jus one kiss will make it better,

Jus one kiss and we will be alright.

Jus one kiss will make it better,

Jus one kiss and we’ll be flyin high.’

Jus 1 Kiss by Basement Jaxx

‘I don’t care what they say,

I don’t care about the style you’re choosin,

We can do it our way.

All I know is my heart screams softly for you you you…

All I know is my heart screams softly for you.’

All I Know by Basement Jaxx

Perfect Drug

My apologies for taking so long to write another blog. To my surprise and delight I discovered that a number of people not only read my blog, but actually (and I quote) “need my fix!” The reason is that the Internet here at school blows. It’s really, really slow. Plus I’ve been quite busy.

I finally have my single room. As much as I enjoyed living with Kris (and I did), I am =very= glad to have my own room. More space, bigger bed, et cetera.

Honestly, I don’t know what to write. There are many interesting things happening in my life, but they’re really no one’s business but my own. No one knows the truth but me, and I kind of like that.

Today’s forecast: Overcast.