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Smile and Cry

Despite my best efforts, I’m not dead yet. I’ve been working my ass off this quarter (ergo few posts) while concurrently being sick with chronic tonsilitis. The result is that as soon as school gets out, I’m going to have my tonsils removed. Monday (the 19th) will mark two months of being sick. Yippee.

I indulged today. I bought a 14″ wok and Santoku knife. I used the wok to cook egg flour soup. It was good. It looked just like the picture, so I’m happy. Plus I finally got to use that spoon I snagged from Kobe Steak House.

Now, about Morah. *sigh* Morah, Morah, Morah… That girl. I don’t know what to say. Bob (her fiance) sucks. How can I express the I way I feel when the words to do so don’t exist? Cry, little bird. Smile and cry.