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A Virtual Stimpy

So we had a dinner party tonight. It was fun. A bunch of people that my parents know (it was basically a birthday party for my mom mixed with an Easter party) came and we all had good food and good conversations. I also got to eat some very tasty octopus. I’m a happy little boy. What I’m not happy about is going back to school tomorrow. Oh well, we’ll see how it all works out. By the way, I’m testing out an AIM chat robot who is supposed to resemble my cat. Right now it doesn’t resemble him very well, but I’ve got a lot of code to work through. If you want to play with him, you need AOL Instant Messenger. His s/n is webcamcat. I’m going to try and make him available 24/7 for now, but we’ll see how things go. Let me know if you encounter any problems.

Agent Smith just said ‘whence’!

I went to see Lord of the Rings last night. I’m still not entirely sure what I think of it. Everyone made a really big deal about the Hobbit feet, but the fact of the matter is that they aren’t a big deal. There are only three or four times in the movie where the Hobbit feet are incredibly noticeable, and outside of that, you hardly even see them. The movie wasn’t, overall, as bad as it was described to me by Kris. I see what he means, but he really blew it out of proportion. The one thing that =really= bothered me about this movie is that in the end you’re left with nothing, really. There was no ending. I have no problem with the fact that this is the first in a trilogy, but so was Star Wars, and each of those were complete movies in and of themselves. I didn’t get that feeling with this film, I just felt like the end was ‘To be continued….’ followed by ‘Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode!’ It didn’t feel complete, it felt like they were copping out, in a way. I just hope the next film is better. Another thing is when Lord Elrond said that the ring must cast back ‘from whence it came,’ all I could think was, “Agent Smith just said ‘whence’!”

Happy birthday, mum!

I’m getting rather annoyed with the archives on this stupid thing. I started a second blog just to test out the archive settings and such on it, and they work! So what the hell? Just thought I’d share. Oh, today is my mum’s birthday. Happy birthday, mum!

Don’t Be An Ass

And you thought singing belly-buttons was bad.

EDIT: Expired link. -TJB 24 August 2004

No Laughing Matter

I wasn’t looking forward to today. Today was the day I got my wisdom teeth out. For months people have been relating to me all their horror stories about how long it took, how painful it was, and how they had to have their teeth shattered in order to remove them. So I went in to the dentist’s office rather nervous and quite apprehensive. They hooked me up to the laughing-gas and started numbing me up. After a few annoying little pricks with a needle, I couldn’t feel a thing. I’m serious, nothing hurt after that. The most I felt was pressure. Not to mention a warm tingly feeling due to the Nitrous. The dentist came in, jabbed this spikey thing deep into my gums, wiggled it around, and extracted all three (I only had three) wisdom teeth without incident. Cool, huh? And the best part was I didn’t feel a thing, and I was totally relaxed. Of course, now that I’m not on N2O, things are a little different. I don’t like changing the gauze (which I’ve done once so far) because it’s =REALLY= bloody. Anyway, the dentist said I should heal up fine and everything should be alright. Good times. I even got to keep the teeth (which I find utterly disgusting, by the way).

Ewan McGregor has a large… Talent.

Wow, The Pillow Book is a really cool movie. Ewan McGregor has a big penis. Check it out.

DJ Kurtz

Alright! I’ve got the page back up, so I hope to be blogging more than I have been. I figured it doesn’t really matter how much I blog while the page is down, no one would be able to read it. Also, all the old links in my blog that link to the old domain won’t work (since the old domain doesn’t exist). I plan on fixing that over spring break. Also, I’m in the process of learning ASPs, so I hope to get a lot of reading done over the break. I’d like to try and get ALLO updated ASAP.

In other news, I got a DM2 from eBay for half list price. It’s phatty! I’m having =TONS= of fun mixing. Hee hee! I’m so happy! -)

Yet Another Adventure In HTML

The other night I had a dream in which I was having an affair with Stephen Reedy’s girlfriend. Stephen Reedy is this guy who posts his work to I don’t think his work is anything particularly special, but a lot of people seem to think it’s something worth watching. His girlfriend, Jennifer Higgins, is totally hot. I’m in the process of making a website dedicated to her. So yeah, that’s what’s been happening. I can’t really think of anything. We’re changing our URL, so I’m going to have to go back and fix every damn link in here. Not to mention recode =EVERY= page. Argle bargle.