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All The Pieces, Bits And Pieces…

Let’s see, a bunch of interesting little tidbits to mention…

The Geo’s odometer rolled over to either 100,000 miles or 200,000 miles. It’s impossible to tell because the odometer only has five digits, which leads me to believe it was never meant to be driven for as long as it has been.

When I was driving home from work the other day, I saw a hot air balloon.

I spent the past few days relaxing up in Idaho. I managed to do nothing but get a tan. It was glorious.

And most importantly, you know what the perfect pump is, right? It’s when you go to a petrol station and put the nozzle into your car, begin pumping, and when you stop pumping you’ve reached exactly $20. It’s almost impossible to do, but I did it the other day and I have a witness.

Save 15% Or More On Your Intelligence

Here’s something that I’ve been meaning to blog about: when did Geico sell out and start crediting the stupid Gecko with their success? I keep seeing all these ads where people who supposedly work for Geico are talking about how ‘Mr. Gecko’ really took the company to new heights and how he ‘re-defined customer service.’ What the hell? And the Gecko sold out too! He used to hate Geico because people kept calling him! And now he works for them and is employee of the month? Moreover, these stupid new ads are rolling at the same time the ad where Mr. Gecko is trying out to be the spokesperson is. Which makes no sense! Why is he applying for a job at a company where he’s already employee of the month? I know that Geico is government run (which is why it’s so cheap and also why you get so little money back in the event you are in a car crash), but I didn’t think the government was =this= disorganised. What they need to do is sit down, figure out what the hell their ad campaign is going to be, pull all the commercials and run only the ones that apply, chronologically, to the campaign.

American Heritage Is No Party

To update you on the library situation (see previous post), a number of people are creating ads and offering their services for free so the library can try to save itself. People all over the country are calling in wanting to donate money to help keep the library afloat. It’s kind of funny how people around here really don’t seem to care all that much, but people on the East coast are freaking out about it.

The people who are really trying to get the library shut down are from the American Heritage Party. For some reason, these people want to abolish the government and get rid of taxes. Which is stupid. I don’t recall our country being founded on ‘no government at all,’ rather it was just, ‘not that government over there.’ What are they going to do without a government? Go back to the pilgrims’ style of living? We tried communism once and everybody died. Then we tried capitalism and look where we are now. Some people can be so dumb.

Free Press: The New Book From Matthew Lesko

The library my dad works for has been under attack for some time now by people who are sick of ‘wasting’ their tax dollars on a service they never use. Now the library has received national press and it’s bringing everyone out of the woodworks. The local news stations are doing stories on it, someone from the Gates Foundation is coming out to look into the matter, the Associated Press is interested in doing a story and even Matthew Lesko is denouncing those who oppose the library and thinking of paying a visit.

Where’s The Fire?

So I went to Hunters, WA again today to take pictures of the 93rd annual 4-H fair for the Stevens County Rural Library. I got to sleep at about 2a this morning (since I had to work until midnight) then woke up at 7a to get ready to go to Hunters. I was out of the house from a little after 8a to about 5p. I’m home for about 30 minutes when I get a call from work asking me to come in early because there’s breaking news and it’s huge and chaotic and they need everyone they can get. Since I was in the middle of cooking dinner, I asked for some time and they said okay, which ended up getting me to work at about 7p. It’s about 9:30p right now and nothing much is happening, but everyone is freaking out and madly preparing for our normal shows. It’s pathetic, really, but we’re in a ‘breaking news war’ with the other stations, and so far I think we’re winning. We had some really nice shots and some really good reporting during our breaking news updates. But still, it’s not like they need a full crew here. They could do with one or two people in the studio, but until about fifteen minutes ago, we had four. So there’s an extra person just sitting around with nothing to do. But now we’re down to a normal-sized crew and I think we’re just doing the normal shows. Hopefully they don’t keep us here late because I’ve got company waiting for me at home! Oh well, such is the life of a newsie.

Muzak In Stereo

Well, after being on hold for almost an hour, I finally talked to someone from Voicestream who was rude and quite useless. I may as well not have called at all.

At one point I used my dad’s cell phone to call Washington Mutual and ask them some stuff. It was especially humorous to have found myself on hold on two different phones at the same time.


Voicestream Wireless has really innocuous hold music. I’ve been listening to it for over 30 minutes.

Visions Of A Lost Love

Today was the first time I had ever worked the morning shift here at KREM, so it was also the first time I had a chance to meet one of the people who works here, Risa. She’s really nice, but she’s freaking me out because there are certain little things about her that remind me of Her. The way Risa carries herself, the way she wears her hair, the fact that her skin is darker than most people, the way she walks, and a number of other things all remind me of Her. When I stand behind Risa and look at her from behind, she looks just like Her. Now, it’s not affecting the way I work and it’s not influencing my thoughts about Risa, but it’s just kind of weird because she’s the only other person I know who carries herself and moves that way.

Get Your Freak On

I just saw an advert for Qwest DSL where this guy is surfing the Internet and a little alert pops up that says he’s reached the end of the Internet and there’s nothing else to see. This, of course, would require that the guy visit =EVERY= freaky porn site in the world. It’s amazing what companies don’t think about when creating ads.

Small Car, Big Price

WOW!!! I just saw a Mini Cooper! It was red with a white top and it was =SO COOL=! I wish I could have taken a picture of it, but we had to leave so I could make it to work on time (which I need to leave for in just a moment…). We were at Cold Stone Creamery. It’s some new-fangled ice cream place that, in my opinion, is overpriced.

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