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1000 Oceans & 1 Misunderstanding

“Later, this (really hot) girl came in to print another poster (she is running for [ASEWU] office), and as I was helping her, the Tori Amos song “1000 oceans” came on. She whips her head around and says, “this is my sister’s favorite song in the whole world, but she can never find it!” I tell her the album name, go to print her poster, and fuck it all up. She says she has to go to class, so I tell her that I’ll print it while she’s gone and she can pick it up later. She leaves. I print. Then I think, “Oh, I’ll burn her a copy of that song…in part because its a good song, in part as an apology for mucking things up.” She returns, I hand her the CD and she gives me this look of “Oh, god. Chubby kid wants some lovin’.” Jesus, was that awkward. But, of course, I didn’t want to say “No…look, see the ring! I’m just trying to be nice!” because that just would have acknowledged the whole thing. We both knew it, but neither of us wanted to say anything…just in case. Sigh.

See, this goes back to that whole thing of “why don’t girls like it when strangers say they’re attractive”? Why can’t a guy just do a nice thing and that be that? Must there always be an assumed ulterior motive? See, if it were a guy that I made a CD for, they probably would have just said, “hey, thanks. Way to be.” But no…when a hot girl is involved, everything goes straight to hell.

And I end up looking like a retard.

In the customer service world, if a girl is serving a guy, the guy will rarely think, “she must like me” if the girl is being curteous and friendly. The guy just understands that this is a part of the tacit, unspoken contract of our CS nation. But, invert the relationship, and have the male in the service position, and good service can be mistaken as innapropriate flirting. Or worse, to the uber-sensitive, sexual harrasment.”

– excerpt from a personal e-mail from Kris Boustedt.

EDIT: Removed dead link. -TJB 9 August 2004