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Friday Funday XLVIII

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

Kris sent me the first link and suggested that I do a Friday Funday about ukuleles. Being from Hawaii, I thought that would be a great idea.

Midnight Ukulele Disco []

Really, I have no idea. So far, “Lesbians” is my fav. Natch. -)

Ukulelia []

Self-described as “the world’s greatest ukulele weblog”. You know, it just might be true.

Ukulele Hall of Fame []

Need I say more?

Tiki King []

This site is filled with tons of info. You can even purchase some really cool ukes.

Ukulele Kit []

For the truly hardcore, here’s a kit to build your own ukulele. I have a hard enough time assembling my model rockets with bollocksing them up, so I think I’ll stick to buying my ukes.

Friday Funday XLVII

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

I recently signed up for a (free!) account with Second Life, the 3D chat/world. As some of you may know, I am also a member of There. I haven’t logged into There in a long time, and it’s not likely that I ever will again. Second Life, on the other hand, is super cool and I log in all the damn time. Ergo, this week’s Friday Funday will be about 3D worlds and chat rooms.

Second Life []

I’ve heard that Second Life is loosely based on Neal Stephenson’s metaverse. There’s even a Black Sun Club. If you’re ever in-world, look me up. My s/n is Kurtz Lawson.

There []

One of the more popular 3D worlds, There is kind of like a sanitized version of Second Life. In my opinion, it’s a lot more limiting than SL. On the other hand, it’s a lot less cluttered.

ActiveWorlds []

You really can’t talk about online 3D worlds without mentioning ActiveWorlds. I mean, look at the copyright on their site; 1997-2005! ActiveWorlds got =super= cluttered (and laggy, as a result) a long time ago, so a lot of people stopped logging in. I haven’t logged in for a long time, but their website looks a lot different than it did when I last logged in, so perhaps the world looks a lot different as well. []

Kind of a creepy version of SL and ActiveWorlds. Each world has a different (seemingly random) theme. For example, you can visit AerosmithWorld, BowieWorld, and BlairWitchWorld. WTF?

Kyucon 3D Chat []

Now here’s one with some promise! Just look at those graphics! The little pig makes me want to try it out. Seriously. Too bad I can’t read any of the instructions.

Friday Funday XLVI

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

DIY Bender Costume []

It’s all in German (that’s German, right?), but frankly, all you need are the pictures (and a little common sense). A bit dated, considering Futurama got tanked a while back.

Rainbow Animations []

The Bender costume reminded me of this site, and specifically, this video (.wmv format only, sorry). The site is owned and operated by Jeremy Lokken, who I met in college. I like his darker work. If you watch Let Me In, there are a few scenes where I (that’s right, me!) play the robot (not many scenes, actually, just a few in the living room). Of course, you can’t tell that it’s me, since I’m in the robot costume. Just trust me, I’m in there.

La Pâte à Son []

Super-cool, über-addicting, Rube Goldberg-esque, Shockwave-based music machine.

Amabuddy []

Holy crap, this is =exactly= what I’ve been looking for! Never again shall I wonder if the price in the book store is worth paying, or if I could save bundles by purchasing online. Do as they say and spread the word!

Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About []

I can’t believe that I didn’t post this one a long time ago. Mil Millington has a girlfriend. They argue. He posts them to his website (well, he did. Now it’s only mailing list updates). Mil’s perspective is =hilarious= and will have you laughing out loud. Not only is his website popular, but his book (of the same name) is a huge hit as well. He has a new book out called A Certain Chemistry that I look forward to reading.

ALLOpod Episode I

ALLOpod Episode I

The very first ALLOpod! I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a bit on the rough side, but we’re still trying to find our feet, so give us a month or two to smooth it out.

I shouldn’t talk down the show too much, however, because we have some really good stuff!

This month, I interviewed Seattle-based band, Vote For Pedro. Their sound is… Well, let’s just say that it transcends words (in a good way). Three of the four band members joined me in Mr. Spot’s Chai House in Ballard, WA (where they later played a three-hour long gig) and we discussed everything from how the band formed, to the future of music in general. The interview includes a brief discussion on music piracy and whether the government is doing enough (or too much) to stop it. After the interview, I played a couple of their songs, which you can download from their website.

My co-host, Emily Kratzer, and I talked about the film Sideways and pointed out that the people who didn’t like the movie (Emily is one of them) usually dislike it for the wrong reasons. We also dredged up the Merlot vs Pinot Noir thing again, but I think I was able to justify it.

We also dissected the Weekly World News, something that I think we should do every month, because the WWN is a great source of entertainment.

And last, but by no means least, Andrew Burton favoured us with his monthly technology haiku. This month’s is entitled, “Try Harder”.

“try harder”

persistent, futile

a fly against the window

spam in my inbox

That’s it for this month! Be sure to listen again next month. It should be available around the 15th (because there are already podcasts that come out at the beginning and end of each month, but so few that come out in the middle).

Next month’s interview will be with Shelby Knox. If you have any questions for Ms. Knox, e-mail me (soon!) and I might ask her your question! If you don’t know who she is, scroll down to the links at the bottom of the page.


Weekly World News []

Bigfoot is Dead. []

The Week Magazine []

Andrew Burton []

IMDb: Sideways []

Mr. Spot’s Chai House []

Vote For Pedro []

And for more information about Shelby Knox, please visit:

The Education of Shelby Knox []


Another New Year, Another New Site Design

Welcome to the newly updated A Life Less Ordinary!

It has become somewhat of an annual tradition for me to update my website on its “birthday”. Each year tends to bring a new visual style, new features, and improvements in a number of areas.

This year’s improvements and additions are really exciting! They include a new, sleeker user interface; ALLOpod podcasts with show notes; links in the Friday Funday and ALLOpod show notes; a new outdoor webcam; all three webcams are “always on”; permalinks for blog posts, Friday Funday posts, and ALLOpod posts; easy access to the photo essays; XHTML and CSS are W3C valid; and more!

Now, on to the bugs. The site was designed for viewing in FireFox, but displays pretty well in both Internet Explorer and Safari (I haven’t tested anything else because, let’s face it, they don’t really command much of a market share. You could make a case for Opera, but the other three make up over 90% of my traffic, and Opera barely breaks 2%). The biggest differences I’ve noticed between the browsers is in spacing, but nothing is so far off that it actually looks bad (well, not bad enough to warrant special versions). If you do happen to notice anything buggy, please let me know. Chances are, there will be a few things that made it through the transition incorrectly.

I hope everyone enjoys the new site and the new features. Drop me a line and let me know what you think!

UPDATE: Thanks to Phoenix for pointing out that all previous page addresses have changed (in other words, if you subscribed to my RSS feed, you’ll need to update the link). This is a one-time change, and I apologise that it happened, but now I have the site set up the way I want it, so I won’t change it again.

Friday Funday XLV

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

This week I’m posting links to the websites of some bands whose songs I have recently heard and enjoyed.

The Cloud Room []

Song of theirs that I really like: Hey Now Now

Husky Rescue []

Song of theirs that I really like: Summertime Cowboy

And two unexpected bands, given my general dislike of their genre (rap/hip-hop):

Gorillaz []

Song of theirs that I really like: DARE

Black Eyed Peas []

Song of theirs that I really like: Pump It

And the radio station that introduced them to me:

90.3 KEXP []

One of the best open format radio stations. Evar.


Why am I only just hearing about the G8 Summit for the first time? This year marks the 31st annual meeting of the G8 and I’ve never heard of it before, despite the fact that last year it was held in our country!

Why hasn’t there been more press surrounding this?

And what the fuck is with every celebrity joining the ONE campaign? I just can’t get on board with the whole “ONE” thing for the same reason I despise the Livestrong bracelets (note that I’m talking about the bracelets themselves and not the actual cause they support); it all just seems like a fad.

“Hey, man, it’s cool to hate poverty!”

Just like it’s cool to plaster American flags all over everything? If people =really= gave a shit, they would have been plastering American flags all over everything =before= 9/11. Same thing here. If people actually cared about world poverty (and weren’t just jumping on the bandwagon in an attempt to be cool), the “ONE” campaign wouldn’t exist, because neither would world poverty.

Half Over, Half Assed, Half Baked?

So we’re about halfway through the year. If you recall, I made some resolutions a while back; resolutions which I had every intention of keeping. Have I kept them thus far?

Eat right. I said I was going to change my diet completely, for life. While I have found myself eating less red meat and fewer refined sugars, I still don’t eat five times a day (more like four) and I tend to have carb-filled dinners. One thing I’ve found is that the food I want to eat costs a lot, and with Morah working one day a week, we just don’t have the money. However, Morah has recently finished her internship and she already has a job lined up, so we should be able to make that diet change before the year is out.

Work out more frequently. There was a span of about three weeks where I worked out almost everyday. The most I’ve done recently is Tai Chi one evening a week, but that class is over. This is another one of those things that will change now that Morah has graduated. It’s difficult for either of us to work out when we can’t motivate one another. She hasn’t had the time to work out or to encourage me to work out, and frankly, I would be more into it if we could both exercise together. With the weather warming up again, Morah and I both hope to get outside more. Whether it’s playing tennis or just going for a walk, if we can do it together, it’s more likely to happen.

Floss my teeth. There’s really no excuse for why I haven’t done this one. I think I’ve done this about half a dozen times all year. We have floss, but I just don’t do it. Perhaps what I need to do is buy a lot of floss and leave it on the bathroom counter. That way, when I go to brush my teeth at night, I’ll see the floss and remember how much money I spent on it, which will make me use it since I won’t want to have wasted the money.

Do my traction. Another one for which I have no real excuse. It’s mostly a matter of me forgetting about it until right before I go to bed (the pain in my lower back tends to reminded me of it when I lay down to go to sleep). I have a couple of ideas to help get me back in the habit, so I’ll have to institute those and see how it goes.

Save money. Considering Morah hasn’t been working more than once a week (she hasn’t been able to, really), it’s been difficult to save money. It seems like every time I earn money, it disappears again. Our rent this year is over twice what it was last year, and the electric bill for the cold season has been about twice what it is during the summer. There is a bright side, however. At current, I have more money in my account than I’ve had in a long time and no bills are looming on the horizon. Ergo, I should be able to start saving more money (which is good, because if we’re going to get married in Hawaii, it’s going to cost us). We’ve met with a financial advisor to discuss saving for retirement (trust me, the sooner the better), so at least things in that realm are moving forward.

So that’s it. I haven’t kept any of my resolutions to the degree that I wanted to. However, the year is only half over, so there’s still time to get my act together.

Has anyone else managed to keep their resolutions? Good luck to all who are still trying!

Friday Funday XLIV

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

Improv Everywhere []

They cause scenes. This is a very timely find, as I was having a conversation about these guys just last weekend, while I was in Seattle. At the time, I thought they didn’t have a website because I couldn’t find one for them, but a few days ago I stumbled across this.

David Lynch Reads the Weather []

Here’s one I was going to post a while back (when I first came across it), but didn’t because the feature was “on hold”. I was reminded of it yesterday when BoingBoing posted it. This really is one of those things that makes you say, out loud, “WTF?”

Klockwerks []

Unique only begins to describe these timepieces designed by Roger Wood. I want so many of these.

Panhandling World Wide []

This guy comes up with crazy, goofy ways to panhandle, then goes out and tries to earn as much money as he can. Not the best layout ever, but still a pretty fun read.

The Hole []

I was actually looking for something else (no, not porn), when I came across this site. So this guy decides, one day, out of the blue, to dig a hole in his backyard. It’s actually kind of neat. Now I want to dig a hole.