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Friday Funday LXI

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

Low Resolution []

Some people just look at the world differently. Davin Risk is one of those people.

Jens Anderson []

I’ve been holding on to this link for a while now. So long, in fact, that I can’t remember what it was about the site that I liked so much. I mean, it’s damn cool, but there was something specific. What was it?

Trained Eye Gallery []

This is such a cool concept and is another one of those ideas that causes you to think, “why didn’t I think of that?” Tim Davis wandered around a rail yard near downtown Colorado Springs and took pictures of what appear to be beautiful pieces of art, but are really just the “scratched, gouged, painted, scraped, rusted, and repainted” sides of train cars. It’s true that beauty is all around us.

Michèle M. Waite []

When Morah and I were still getting married in Seattle (now we’re getting married in Hawaii), this was who we were going to use. I didn’t care how much I had to pay, this woman takes beautiful photographs in a style that I love.

Kyle Cassidy []

“The truth is you have too many cameras and you don’t take enough photographs.” That line describes me perfectly. Be sure to check out the levitation section of his portfolio, then leave me a comment with how you think it’s done.

ALLOpod Episode IV – Antiquity and the Avian Flu

ALLOpod Episode IV – Antiquity and the Avian Flu

This month’s show kicks off with Everything You Read by Erik Ostrom. Then, for the first time on ALLOpod, my fiancée Morah joins us and answers questions about influenza and the avian flu. She said that best way to describe a virus is as an obligate intracellular parasite. Right, because that’s =exactly= how I describe a virus…

We chose the word, “histrion” this month because it’s so close to the word, “historian”. So what is the difference between a historian and a histrion? That is the question, isn’t it?

Then, you’ve been waiting for it for two months: our interview with history professor Dr. Bill Youngs. Dr. Youngs talks about his books and answers the question, “What kind of job can you get with a history degree, besides a history teacher?” Turns out, there are quite a few jobs out there.

Dr. Youngs also talks about his time at the University of California in Berkley during the Free Speech Movement in the mid 1960s, as well as how the death of Martin Luthor King Jr. affected the Berkley campus.

Erik Ostrom carries us into our next section with his dream-like song, You Were Watching the Sky.

Then, in true ALLOpod fashion, it goes way, way out there and we can’t stop mentioning a certain part of the female anatomy. Are you embarrassed easily? It’s clear we aren’t.

And we can’t forget about Andrew Burton’s technology haiku!


battery is low

charging charging charging then

battery is dead

We don’t have an interview lined up for next month just yet, but once we do, I’ll post it here and you’ll be able to submit your questions.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, or if you want to hear your name mentioned in our shout-outs, e-mail us at: podcast alifelessordinary . Be sure to mention if you want to be included in the shout-outs and if you do, please include your location (for example, “Thomas in Spokane, WA” or “Phoenix in Japan”).


Erik Ostrom []

NIAID Initiates Trial of Experimental Avian Flu Vaccine []

World Health Organization []

KEWU Jazz 89.5 []

Skepticality [] J. William T. Youngs []

Andrew Burton []


I don’t normally re-post what BoingBoing has =just= posted, but being a logophile, this one was just too good to pass up.

The New Yorker has an article about the appearance of the word, “esquivalience,” in the second edition of the New Oxford American Dictionary, and the fact that such a word does not exist.

Pure gold for someone like me. -)


Three things to mention:

1) If take a look at the work webcam, you’ll see the view at my new desk. Yeah, it’s pretty much the same as the old one, but I’m not quite finished yet. I’m going to see if I can pull out the old countdown board (that no one else is using) and hang it in view of the camera. To what date I will be counting down? I’m open for suggestions…

2) Kris! Post something on your frickin’ blog. It’s been over a month. We miss you.

3) Wait, new desk? Did I mention that I got a promotion? ‘Cause I did.

Friday Funday LX

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

You may have noticed that the scenery on my work webcam is a little different. That’s because I’m moving desks! My new desk will have a similar view of the old one, but to celebrate the slight change of pace, here are a bunch of links to various webcams and webcam-related sites.

EarthCam’s 25 Most Interesting Webcams of 2004 []

“Selected from hundreds of nominees by a panel of EarthCam producers, EarthCam announces the most unique and compelling webcams of 2004.”

Volcano Cams []

A large list of volcano webcams. That’s a lot of volcanos!

The Flo Control Project []

This is so brilliant, it makes me want to build one. The Flo Control Project uses a webcam and “facial recognition” to determine whether or not to open a kitty door. Very, very cool.

Japanese Network Camera []

I have no idea where this is (except that it’s somewhere in Japan), but you can control the camera (via a rather obtuse interface).

The Cat-Food Dish Webcam Page []

Winner of the September 1998 Pan-European “Waste of bandwidth” Award. What more do you need to know?

ALLOpod Update

Holy crap! I totally meant to post this on Tuesday.

So, ALLOpod will be about a week late this month on account of me having a cold. Not that I still have the cold, in fact, it’s been gone for a few weeks now, but my throat just wouldn’t clear up until recently. Emily’s schedule has prevented us from getting together until now, so check back this weekend or early next week and the show will be available.

Sorry for the delay, but I promise it’s coming!

ALLO: All Summed Up

I just e-mailed a summary of my site to someone and I thought I’d post it here as well.

I described my site as, “about four years worth of blogs that can be summed up thusly:

Wow, look, I have a blog!

I can’t stop thinking about my ex and how she cheated on me.

I’m sad.

I’m sad.

Still thinking about the ex.

I’m really sad.

I’m contemplating suicide.

I’m sad.

I’m a loser.

Ex again.

I’m a fucking loser.

I’m contemplating suicide again.

I’m sad.

I have a girlfriend.

We broke up.

We’re back together.

London kicks ass.

I have a new job.

I’m engaged.

I have a cat.

Life is good.”

If you’ve never read back into the archives, it might be worth doing. There are a lot of painful posts, but every once in a while I find something really funny. Like this post.

Friday Funday LIX

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

Spin []

Cheesy, but worth it.

Soupy George []

Don’t let the fact that it was made by Joel Veitch scare you off, it’s actually a pretty cool song. I’d skank to it. If you liked this, you may also like Ninja; another 7 Seconds-Joel Veitch pairing.

Pornalike Quiz []

The Pornalike Quiz. It claims to be “a muck-happy-work-safe quiz”, but I’m willing to bet if your boss walked in while you were playing this, you’d get fired. Or have your computer taken away. Or at least feel compelled to close the window very quickly.

Spot the GIF-erence []

An über-geeky quiz.

Tessellating Animations []

The name says it all. By artist Makoto Nakamura.

Preview vs. Post

Do any of you actually preview your comments before you post? I mean, ever? I’m thinking about removing the preview button from the comments form (mostly since it doesn’t work properly) and I wanted a little feedback.

So, fix it or ditch it?

Friday Funday LVIII

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

Film School: The Interactive Adventure []

It’s incredible how accurate this game is.

Galvanize! []

A very weird game from the Chemical Brothers. The music is awesome, of course.

The Old Man Practical Joke []

This guy is incredible! I can’t figure out how he does what he does. If anyone can teach me, let me know.

Are kick-ass music videos the future of advertising? After watching the next two videos, I’d venture to say yes.

Run World, Run []

A =very cool= ad for Brooks Sports, Inc. There’s a lot to see here, so pay attention.

Hello Kitty Transformathon []

It’s like Hello Kitty meets The Italian Job meets Godzilla meets Transformers meets the Beastie Boys. In other words, damn cool.

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