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Friday Funday XCVI

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet.

Loituma []

I guess this is a meme that I’ve been missing until now. I don’t know anything about the video, but the audio comes from the song Ievan Polkka by the Finnish quartet, Loituma. There are a number of interesting videos on YouTube, but I found this live performance to be the most interesting. As an aside, Morah is one-fourth Finnish (ergo Peltonen) and assures me that it’s a really weird language (insofar as it doesn’t work like any other language in the world).

Create Your Own Adventure []

Remember MadLibs? So does PBS. Here’s my story: Thomas and Morah were taking a ship from New York City to Australia for their summer vacation. While they were playing cards one night, a fuschia storm rocked the boat for hours. Thomas hit his head and fell overboard! “Eek!!” cried Morah. But Thomas was sinking! How ever would he survive? Thomas woke up suddenly and saw water and squids all around. “How stinky!” he thought. Thomas needed to breathe, but was too far from the surface. His knee cap was caught in seaweed! Just then, a hermit crab quickly came to the rescue! The hermit crab took Thomas in its mouth and pulled him up for air. It made a THUD and swam away. “That amazing creature saved your life!” shouted Morah as 2 sailors threw Thomas a life saving spoon.

Music for One Apartment and Six Drummers []

The story here is really weird, but I do like the idea that a sextet of rogue percussionists is travelling around and creating funky music.

Beakins’ Great Mango Quest []

Beakins is an effeminate parrot who, instead of flying directly to the top of the tree, insists that you help him walk from branch to branch. They really should have called this Beakins’ Lackluster Mango Quest.

The Lobstores []

Point-n-click to control the musical lobsters. You know I’m a sucker for this kind of thing.

Happy Towel Day!

Today is Towel Day!

I have my towel with me, do you?

I also edited a Wikipedia entry for the first time today. I corrected a spelling error. Hooray for me. -)

Friday Funday XCV

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet.

Cereal Box Archive []

A project that I’m working on for Kris has had me researching old cereal boxes. This archive contains decades of cereal boxes from a variety of manufacturers.

10 Things I Hate About Commandments []

Fucking boingboing readers. I found this video earlier in the week and was waiting until I completed my Friday Funday before submitting it to BB, but no! Some reader named Mangesh beat me to the punch. Also check out Must Love JAWS, although it certainly isn’t anywhere near as funny.

Gay Mount Everest []

This is why I love live television.

Sheep Racer []

Because the world needs more sheep on dirt bikes.

The Art of Jinyoung Shin []

This is like every nightmare meets every fantasy I’ve ever had.

Time For A Change

It’s that time again. Time for me to switch domain hosts and servers. I have initiated a domain transfer so that I can (finally) be 100% hosted by GoDaddy. In the next couple of weeks, I will be switching from my current server to a new one.

This all means that my site will probably be down intermittently over the next couple of weeks. Hopefully all of the changes happen sooner than later, and hopefully the transfers don’t take very long, but there could be a stretch of a few days where I’m out of commission.

Why do this again? Mostly to save money. When you host as many sites as I do, especially ones that don’t generate income, it’s important to get the most for your money.

Anyway, here’s to hoping that everything goes smoothly; this always makes me nervous.

The Surreal Life

I woke up at about three o’clock this morning because I had to go to the bathroom.

When I got out of bed, I noticed a flashing light coming from outside. At first I thought it was lightning, but the flashing was too consistent. I parted the blinds and peeked out.

One of those “Wide Load” lead trucks was slowly driving past with its amber lights flashing. I wondered both what the wide load was and why they were transporting it at three in the morning.

The truck really was moving quite slowly, and despite my best efforts, I couldn’t see what was coming. A man waving a flashlight walked by, followed by a gigantic semi with a house on it.

No kidding, a full-on house.

The house, which took up almost the entire road and which I thought, for a moment, might not be able to squeeze past the car parked on the side of the road, was followed by yet another “Wide Load” vehicle and two police cars, one of which also had its lights on.

At three in the morning, when I had to pee, the whole experience was rather surreal.

Wes Anderson: All You Need to Know

This American Express commercial teaches you all you need to know about Wes Anderson. It’s also my favourite spot that’s currently on the air (VW’s Big Day spot is still my #1 all-time favourite).

Friday Funday XCIV

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet.

This week it’s videos of cats doing cute and funny things.

Funny Cats []

A funny compilation of cat-related videos.

Sleepy Head Cat []

This is so cute, I could die.

Talking Cat []

This is amazing! I kind of wish my cat did this, but at the same time, it’s kind of creepy, so I’m glad she doesn’t.

Puppies vs Cat []

Seven puppies versus one cat. Who do you think wins? Here’s another dog vs cat video. This time, the cat has no one to blame but itself. There’s some weird gray at the beginning, but the video starts shortly after.

Cute Cat []

This video is only four seconds long, but it’s so funny that I chose to save it for last. Make sure you have the audio up to get the full effect.

Chris Voted Off

Chris just got voted off of American Idol. Further proof that America is totally borked.

Friday Funday XCIII

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet.

Animusic []

These videos are pretty cool. I’m not sure I’d actually pay for them, but I certainly enjoy watching them on Google Video.

2006 White House Correspondents Dinner with Stephen Colbert []

If you haven’t already seen this, you absolutely must. Skip in to about 51 minutes and 50 seconds to see Colbert speak.

Girls and Corpses []

“Girls & Corpses is sort of like Maxim Magazine meets Dawn Of The Dead. There will be pictures each month of beautiful scantily clad young beauties posing with hideous, decaying, festering corpses.” I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried. I’m pretty sure there isn’t actually any nudity, but I’d still say that this site is not work safe. In fact, just don’t visit this link at all. You have been warned…

Darfur is Dying []

Darfur is dying and only you can help… By playing this Flash game!

Wikipedia: Cinco de Mayo []

It’s a common misconception that Cinco de Mayo is Mexico’s independence day. Read the real story here.

Apple vs PC

Best. Joy of Tech. Evar.

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