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Friday Funday CI

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet.

Cartoon Index []

Links to full-length episodes of a lot of cartoons. I mean, a lot. I don’t know how many of the links are broken (they link to YouTube, which we all know can be pretty shifty), but there are hundreds of links here, so you should be able to find something you like.

15×15 []

Get the 15 minutes of fame that Andy Warhol promised you!

Humans []

A short that shows humans for what we really are.

Microcar Museum []

I like museums and tiny cars. Here’s a tiny car museum.

Carrot Museum []

I like museums and carrots. Here’s a carrot museum. WTF, right?

Breaking Things Up A bit

I don’t like having back-to-back Friday Funday posts, but it seems like something that happens all too often these days. In order to prevent having three Friday Funday posts with nothing in between them, I’m writing this post about… Well, it’s about nothing, really.

So, how’s it going?

This hideous beast is parked outside. I guess the guy who owns it is here to see one of our sales people.

Hey, what what was everyone’s high score on Manole? The best I’ve managed so far is 249,390. Can anyone explain how the hell the high score is over 2 million?

One of the shoelaces on my work shoes broke yesterday. It was kind of funny because I was putting them on, and when I pulled the laces tight, one of them popped off in my hand. I just sort of sat there for a moment, dumbfounded. I was just going to change into jeans and wear different shoes, but I managed to work out a temporary solution. I bought some laces from the drugstore across the street, but they ended up being too short, so I had to go buy more shoelaces from another store. They were shorter than I would have liked, but I didn’t feel like chasing shoelaces all over town, so I’m sticking with them.

That’s about it. Not a lot has been happening lately, so I haven’t had a whole lot about which to blog.


Last weekend, Morah and I went over to Seattle to help Kris with a short film he’s shooting. It’s a new version of a video I helped him shoot in college called Collect All Four. It was two days of pretty intense shooting, which was great since I haven’t shot anything for… Gosh, years now.

I’ve seen a few early cuts of some of the scenes and they’re coming together pretty well. I look forward to seeing the whole thing!

Okay, now I think I’ve told all there is to tell. See you guys back here tomorrow for another Friday Funday!

Friday Funday C

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet.

100 consecutive Friday Fundays! Woo hoo!

Meteorite Collision []

Not really a “fun” video per se, but a fairly interesting one. It’s in Japanese, but if you expand the “About This Video” section, you can find out what she’s saying.

Virtual Replay []

If you’re a World Cup fan, this is pretty damn cool.

Pianolina []

The interactive piano. I can’t even begin to describe this. It’s damn cool.

Dumbolf []

It’s so dumb that I couldn’t make it past the third fourth (my mistake) hole before I just gave up and quit.

Puzzle Bowling []

You know I loves my bowling. Here’s a new twist on it.

Friday Funday XCIX

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet.

Shave Everywhere []

I forgot to put this one up two weeks in a row, but here it is! Thanks to Tom for this one.

Bush Drinking? []

I saw this several months ago and never posted it, but was reminded about it today. This is easily the funniest bit that Craig Ferguson has ever done (it’s arguably the only funny bit that he’s ever done).

Team Sandtastic []

I’ve always been really impressed by those people who could create really intricate sand sculptures. Here’s the site for a team of people who do it professionally. Be sure to check out the section that explains how they do it.

Manole []

This is a strange little game where you try to help a guy with wooden wings fly as far as possible. My best score so far is 156,560 200,740 211,700 212,340 224,550 242,550 249,390 253,810. I finally broke the 250k barrier!

w0ne []

This is a crazy game where you control a wheel and attempt to “collect” barrels and stars. If you get all of the stars, you’ll unlock the last level, which is pretty tricky.

Engaged Encounter

While I’m sure that most readers of this blog are aware that I am getting married in October, many may be surprised to learn that we (that is, my fiancée and I) will be having a Catholic ceremony.

As such, there are a number of hoops that the church forces you to jump through before you can get married (if you want the receive the sacrament of marriage, which Morah does). One of those hoops is the Engaged Encounter, and this past weekend, Morah and I went on ours.

What we expected was two days of hippie-esque, massage-circle, trust-fall, talk-about-your-feelings, make-macaroni-art-and-share-it-with-the-group type activities that involved a disgustingly cute married couple and a half a dozen other hard core-religious engaged couples. What it turned out to be was two days of listen-to-boring-talks and write-about-your-feelings-until-your-hand-cramps type activities with two kind-of-cute married couples and over a dozen other religious-but-not-in-a-why-aren’t-YOU-Catholic-way couples.

All in all, it seemed kind of pointless for Morah and I to be there, as the majority of the activities were things like, “Think about where you want to live, how many kids you want, should your spouse stay at home and raise the kids” et cetera, then write down your feelings and talk to each other about it. I think it primarily designed to facilitate communication between the couples and get them thinking about issues that they may not have previously thought about.

Trouble is, Morah and I have fantastic and very-open lines of communication between us, and we had already talked about everything they told us to talk about. So it was kind of boring.

To make things more interesting, I tried to get creative with the stuff I was writing. I tried to do something a little different for each one, so I ended up with (among other things) a short story, a third-person narrative, a poem, a love letter, a comic strip, and a Mad Lib. I figured that if I had to do something as acerebral as tell Morah how I feel, even when I know she already knows, I should at least make it a little more challenging for myself by getting creative.

On the last day, just before we left, they had us ask for forgiveness from our partner (if we needed to). They billed it as a “last chance” to get things off your chest before the weekend was officially over. Morah and I agreed that we had nothing for which we needed to be forgiven, so we went to get some water. While we were waiting around, we overheard another couple who were having a really serious discussion. She seemed quite cross with him and he seemed rather indignant. She was saying something about him and his friends and how he needed to respect her more. Morah and I looked at each other and decided to give them privacy. I hope it all worked out for them!

All in all, we had a lot of freedom. That freedom combined with the fact that we live a three minute drive away from the camp meant that Morah and I could have gone home at night, had we really wanted to.

It wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be. I’m glad it’s over and done with, though. Now we can get everything sorted with the Spokane Diocese and get the paperwork going in Honolulu.

It was nice to be able to spend the weekend with Morah without the stress of the outside world. The retreat grounds were nice and we walked around a bit on Saturday afternoon.

I would say that, besides spending time with Morah, the best part of the weekend was the snack table. -)

Friday Funday XCVIII

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet.

Animator vs. Animation []

A fun Flash movie about a tortured stickman who fights back against his creator. Very clever, especially if you’ve ever used Flash before.

Toon Crisis []

A fairly fun little advergame wherein you shoot… Stuff from your hand. While listening to music on your Sony Walkman.

Mil Videolinkitos []

They’re not kidding about having a “mil videolinkitos” here. If you were made in the 80s, this page will be a sweet trip back to when MTv actually played music videos.

Fly Air France []

Another cool little advergame that has you piloting a commercial flight from the U.K. to Buenos Aires. Good luck!

Widmer Beer Golf []

How about one last advergame? Widmer Beer Golf. What more do you need to know?

Movie Questions

1) What film made you angry, either while watching it or in thinking about it afterward?

The Matrix 2. At first, I only kind of disliked it, but then we started talking about it and I ended up hating it so much, that I never bothered to see the third. Which is really a shame, since the first one is pretty good.

2) Favorite sidekick?

George Lang (from The Spanish Prisoner. See why below)

3) One of your favorite movie lines?

George: How are things in the outer office?

Susan: My troika was pursued by wolves.

George: It’s a good thing this cookie arrived unscathed.

(If you ever watch this scene, note that the actors are trying very hard to suppress their laughter)

4) Describe a perfect moment in a movie:

Remember the first time that you watched The Usual Suspects and you figured it all out? Yeah, that was a cool moment.

5) Favorite John Ford movie?

Wee Willie Winky. Oh! No, I mean The Searchers. Sorry.

6) What film artist (director, actor, screenwriter, whatever) has the least–deserved good reputation, artistically speaking. And who would you replace him/her with on that pedestal?

Tom Cruise. Need I say more?

7) Showgirls: Yes or no?

Yeah, just because ever since Saved By The Bell, I’ve wanted to see Elizabeth Berkley naked. I really should rent it…

8) Most exotic or otherwise unusual place in which you ever saw a movie?

There used to be a drive-in theatre in Hawaii (it’s gone now). I saw Back to the Future III there. It’s the only time I’ve been to a drive-in.

9) Favorite Robert Altman movie?

MASH, but I haven’t seen A Prairie Home Companion yet…

10) Best argument for allowing rock stars to participate in the making of movies?

This is Spinal Tap. Wait…

11) Describe a transcendent moment in a film (a moment when you realized a film that just seemed routine or merely interesting before had become something much more)?

In Cinema Paradiso, Toto’s best friend, Alfredo, dies and leaves him a can of film. At the very end of the film, Toto watches the film. I won’t ruin the moment for you, but it makes me cry every time; it’s the most beautiful moment I’ve ever seen caught on film.

12) Gina Gershon or Jennifer Tilly?

Who came up with this and why are they so obsessed with Showgirls? I’m going to say Jennifer Tilly because she’s a voice on Family Guy and she played Louella Parsons in The Cat’s Meow.

13) Favorite Frank Capra movie?

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

14) The scene you most wish you could have witnessed being filmed?

The scene in Dog Day Afternoon where Al Pacino calls his lover. Read about it here.

15) Name a movie that inspired you to walk out before it was finished?

The only movie I ever left prematurely was Big Top Pee-wee, but even then, I only left because I had a really bad stomach ache (oh, and I was seven years old). So I guess the answer is that I’ve never walked out on a film because of how bad it was. In fact, I once sat through a Pauly Shore double-feature. Now that’s dedication.

16) Favorite political movie?


17) Your favorite movie poster/one-sheet, or the one you’d most like to own?

Probably something old like Metropolis or Citizen Kane.

18) Jeff Bridges or Jeff Goldblum?

I’ll have to agree with Mike here, The Dude wins it.

19) Accepting the conventional wisdom that 1970-1975 marked a golden age of American filmmaking in which artistic ambition and popular acceptance were not mutually exclusive, what for you was this golden age’s high point? (Could be a movie, a trend, the emergence of a star, whatever)

Actually, I feel that the movies leading to artistic freedom of the early 1970s are more important, specifically Easy Rider (1969) and The Rain People (1969). That’s not to say that these movies are any good, but they were =highly= influential.

Also, I disagree that the early 1970s were the “golden age” of American filmmaking. Can you say the first quarter of the 20th century? Yeah, thanks for playing.

20) With total disregard for whether it would ever actually be considered, even in this age of movie recycling, what film exists that you feel might actually warrant a sequel, or would produce a sequel you’d actually be interested in seeing?

State and Main needs a sequel like there’s no tomorrow. The Big Lebowski could also do with a sequel, but without Donnie, I’m just not sure it would hold up. He really tied the film together.

Friday Funday XCVII

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet.

On Tuesday, the date will be 6.6.6 (what will be =really= trippy is when the time and date will be 6:6:6 6.6.6 (6 hours, 6 minutes, and 6 seconds on June 6th, 2006)). To mark the rapture (well, some people think it will be the rapture), I’m putting together one last Friday Funday. See you in Hell.

Left Behind Games []

This game (or games?) is based on the famous Left Behind series by nut-job authors, Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. Can someone please tell me how a game wherein the player wields, “modern military weaponry” is remotely Christian?

Rapture Ready []

Cleanse your soul and prepare for the end-times with the help of this useful website!

End Times Report []

When you’re left behind, will you be able to survive? This web site will help you plan for your new, utterly pointless life!

Who said the rapture had to be all pain and belly-aching? Here are a couple of fun links!

The Rapture []

This is the official web site of indie band, The Rapture.

Rapture Technologies []

Free games! I haven’t actually played any of them, so I can’t make any promises. If the games are anything like their web site, they suck.