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Secular Sunday VII – Jesus, WTF?

I wanted to write another really great Secular Sunday article, but instead I cleaned my desk (and my life is better for it). Instead, I’ll just post this picture, which should bring a smile to any atheists’ face:

Jesus, WTF?

You Know It’s Cold When…

Kisa under the covers

You know it’s time to turn on the heaters when your cat sleeps under the duvet on her own!

Friday Funday CLXVI

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet. Funday links will open in a new window.

Passive Aggressive Notes []

Not all of the notes are passive aggressive, but they’re certainly funny.

Yet another edit of the retro-futuristic motion logos []

These have been floating around the internet lately, so you may have seem this already. As someone who works in television, this is pretty cool. It’s fun to watch this and recognize some of them!

Matrix XP []

It’s like facfic, but for The Matrix. And it’s video. Actually, this is quite well done, considering. I’m undecided on whether I like it or think it’s stupid, but I think that means that it just falls somewhere in the middle.

Real Matrix []

Speaking of The Matrix, here’s a video of Joe Eigo, who can flip himself all over the place, kind of like in The Matrix. It’s very impressive, even if his website isn’t.

How is babby formed? []

If you clicked on the above with your speakers cranked way up and they got blown out, then I am truly sorry for your lots. Via I’m Quietly Judging You.

Hotel Chevalier

So. Not. Fair.

Test Entry

This is just a test entry to make sure my cron job is working properly.

New Experiences in Food and Life

What a busy weekend! Morah and I had originally planned to head up to Sandpoint, but by Friday, it was clear that the weather was going to be pretty drab all weekend long. We didn’t want to be stuck indoors all day, so we decided to just stay around Spokane.

On Saturday, we met up with my parents and a bunch of family friends from Hawaii. They were in town to do some work on a house they own. We decided it would be fun to help them work on the house, so Sunday morning found us in Coeur d’Alene in grubby clothes.

Lately, I’ve been on this kick to learn how to do as much home building and maintenance as possible. Morah and I will very likely own a home in the near future, and I want to ready to tackle whatever comes our way. Morah spent most of the day working on the hedges in the front (they were a huge chore that took two people most of the day to get done). I tackled a wider range of jobs, starting with sanding and staining, then gardening (all that Ask This Old House really payed off here), then I built some new steps that were falling apart, and finally, I learned how to apply mud and tape to drywall. It was a long day, but the work wasn’t too terribly difficult and I’m definitely glad I did it.

I took Monday and Tuesday off of work because I needed to use up my vacation days, and I don’t like to be gone from work for too long at a time (since I’m really the only person who knows what’s going on with the website).

Now, when most people take time off from work, it’s to relax, right? I mean, they aren’t called vacation days for no reason. Instead, Morah and I ran errands all over town. We went to Goodwill, and the bank, and the post office, and up to my parents’ house. We went to Hastings, and Albertsons, and Costco. We went to a few other places to get things done that had been on “to do” lists for ages. It was a busy couple of days, but I’m glad we took the time to do it all. I think we can count this all toward my goal of get caught up.

Another bright spot in our otherwise busy days was that we tried to eat at restaurants we hadn’t been to before. Most people take living in a city for granted. They think, “I live here, I can do that or eat there anytime I want.” Few people actually do it, though. So in an attempt not to take Spokane for granted, we’ve been trying to explore the city a bit more. This includes eating where we’ve never eaten before. I had never had lunch at Mary Lou’s Milk Bottle, and since we were headed north anyway, we decided to stop. Although it was panned by a local food critic, I thought the food was pretty decent. The milkshake was definitely worth going for!

Tuesday’s lunch was a lat-minute affair, and we had planned to one restaurant, then decided on another that we happened to drive by (we were running a little late for an appointment). The Perry Street Cafe was a funky little place with less-than-attractive atmosphere, but the food was good. While I felt like it came a little later than it should have, we did still make it to the appointment on time.

Overheard while eating there:

Patron: “Do you know what that building is over there?”

Waitress: “It’s a Buddhist temple.”

Patron: “Have you ever been inside?”

Waitress: “No, I’m a good Catholic.”


Dinner last night took a while to figure out because we couldn’t decide what we wanted to eat. We thought about going to a local tapas bar, but after looking at their menu online, we just couldn’t justify spending that much money on that little food. Sushi, however, was tiny food that we were willing to spend a lot of money on, so we headed down to Shogun. This is typically known as a teppanyaki restaurant, but tucked away in a dark and deserted corner (seriously) is one of the best sushi bars in Spokane; at least, so I’ve read. Spokane isn’t exactly a bastion of great sushi, what with the coast being three hundred miles away, so I’ve always been wary of sushi bars. One review called it, “equal to the places I’ve tried in Seattle.” And it was really good! There was, perhaps, a bit too much wasabi on some of the nigiri, but I would definitely go back again. And when the bill came, I was pleasantly surprised. Morah and I both left stuffed and satisfied.

We were having so much fun hanging out together all day and trying new places to eat that neither of us wanted to return to work today. Alas, that sushi won’t pay for itself.

One Year in Portland

On October fourteenth, Morah and I will be celebrating our first year of marriage by spending the weekend in Portland. Our plan is to arrive Friday afternoon and leave Tuesday morning, which gives us roughly three and a half days to check out the city.

There are a few places that we’ll definitely be visiting, such as the International Rose Test Garden, the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, and Powell’s Books.

However, neither of us has been to Portland before, so we’re not really sure what there is to see and do. We’ve found a bunch of stuff online, but I’m sure there are plenty of things worth doing that we haven’t found. Plus, the best advice comes from people who have already experienced it. That being said, I’m calling upon my blog readers who have visited (or live in) Portland, to give us some advice on the things we need to see.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Things that can be done in a few hours. Since our time in Portland will be brief, and since a few of our activities are already extremely time consuming, we’re in search of things that we can squeeze in between.
  • Things that can be done in the evening. Mostly, anyway. Our really long activities take place, for the most part, during daylight hours. I hear the nightlife in Portland is fantastic, so hook us up!
  • Absolutely-cannot-miss Portland experiences.
  • Things that can be done in the downtown area, or which will have ample parking. We’ll be staying in a hotel a few blocks Northwest of PSU and we plan to walk and take public transportation a lot.
  • Great food and wine. This is, quite possibly, one of the most important categories! Food and wine are part of what make life worth living, and we want to experience the best of what Portland has to offer. We love most foods, so whatever you have, throw it our way.

Friday Funday CLXV

Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet. Funday links will open in a new window.

Sushi Conveyor []

Someone went to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant, placed a video camera on the conveyor belt, and recorded it going around. I love conveyor belt sushi, and the looks on people’s faces is pretty great.

How to eat sushi []

While we’re on the topic of sushi, this video teaches some important lessons about how to eat sushi (and how to do it without offending your Japanese hosts). I thought I knew what I was doing, but it turns out that I have been doing some things incorrectly.

Shadow Dinner Date []

I love these types of performances, and this one is particularly good. Watch it a couple of times; there’s a lot going on here.

DJ Sara and DJ Ryusei []

Here are videos of a 5 year old and an 8 year old who kick ass at scratching. I’m totally jealous.

You Must Choose []

This site gives you a choice between two things. Sometimes they aren’t what I would consider equally stacked, but usually they are. It’s interesting to see what other people select. My favorite choice so far: You’re on fire and your pants keep on falling down, or you can’t stop eating mustard right out of the container while getting papercuts on your eyes.

Looking for Me?

I know I said I wasn’t going to post today, but I can’t pass this one up.

I was going through my site statistics this morning and found some really bizarre searches that led people to my site. Many of them are variations on “a life less ordinary”, but some of them left me scratching my head (I then Googled the phrase myself to figure out why my site was coming up). Here are some of the searches:

less brown – Okay, I can see why my site came up, but what were they looking for?

fandom perception obscenity – Uh, what?

hasemalphaginnojinglanaporphomism – I had forgotten about this! I wonder if they typed in the entire word.

“anal lube” brand – Nice.

“shane is dead” horse – It’s amazing how fast this stuff ends up getting indexed.

“the it crowd” skirt – Is there really a skirt, or were they looking for my IT Crowd upskirt post?

“trust your technolust” t-shirt – Oh man, I have got to get one of these! Incidentally, searching for this in Google brings up my site as the first result.

959dbc6bdc15529df7739dadf2419f5a – Google doesn’t know either.

_aa_ gee – This one threw me until I found out what page it was referring to.

beautiful 1vs100 contestant – Seriously? You think that’s the search query that’s going to bring up the result you’re looking for?

call someone a tom brown – Wait, is my name a derogatory term?

cheating bride porn – lol! My site is awesome. -)

crisco anal lube and crisco as anal lube – Okay, I know why this brings up my site, but it’s a little weird to think that I’m getting traffic from horny people who are actually willing to use Crisco as anal lube. Have you ever seen the stuff? Just buy real anal lube!

embarrassing photos anal lube – Apparently it just gets worse.

fat thomas brown – Hey!

is ingesting rust bad? – See, I’m not the only one concerned about this!

japanese cosplayers better than american – Do you really need to Google this to know it’s true?

mostly underage kids writing underage kids porn – Umm…

not an ordinary box website – I’ll say it isn’t!

picture of anal lube – Oh man, more of this?

pig out in the park webcam – How badly do you want to watch other people eat?

signs an outgoing girl likes you tease – Honestly, why does this query bring up my site?

speedticketbeaters realI told you their website sucks.

types of photo essays – Yeah, mine are a little… Different.

wikipedia. bo derrick – Really? My website?

how to kick over 5000 monkey metersSome people just can’t let it go!

is dan dunn the painter still alive – My site is, after all, the official blog of dead painters. But yes, Dan Dunn is still alive.


Happy International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

I wanted to write a post to wish you all a holy dayhappy holiday and to talk about what’s been keeping me so busy lately.

As you can see, I haven’t posted for almost a week, but it’s been a busy week for me!

On Friday, my new iMac finally arrived! Morah and I carefully unpacked everything and got it all set up. I love, love, LOVE my new iMac! Not only is it frickin’ huge, but everything looks beautiful, and the thing just works. For example, I plugged in our printer’s USB cable. I waited for it to tell me that it had found the printer and was installing it, but no message came up. I opened up the printer preferences and, what do you know, there it was! The computer didn’t skip a beat, it just recognized the hardware and connected to it without a fuss.

I know I have much more to discover, but so far, I’m loving having a Mac.

My time with my new toy was short-lived, however, as my parents picked me up and we headed up to Sandpoint. After being out of town all weekend (and through Monday) without internet access, I returned to work on Tuesday and began the final push to get our new website up and running. Today was more of the same and felt even more hectic than yesterday. Tomorrow is shaping up to be equally busy as the site officially launches.

What is about to-do lists that every time to whittle them down, they find a way of growing back up?

At any rate, I can’t promise a post tomorrow, but Friday will, of course, have a Friday Funday. Don’t think that I’m running out of steam; I’m just taking a week-long blogging break because life got in the way. I may be out of town again this weekend (the plans are shaky, but I could be away from the internet on Monday and Tuesday of next week), so there’s a chance that I’ll have to go another week without blogging.

Hey, at least I should have plenty to talk about.

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