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RIP: Cecily Wilkinson

Cecily WilkinsonWater flooded my grandmother’s grave on the day of her funeral. The warmer weather of the early spring had started to thaw the ground, and as I helped lower the casket into the vault, I could hear clumps of sod splash into the pool of water below. We stood together in the mud and cold, those few of us who came to see her one final time. Each mourner laid a rose on her casket, and after the funeral director told us the ceremony was over, we ambled back to our cars, not able to lower her into her final resting place.

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New T-shirt Designs and Lower Prices

With the passing of I-502 in Washington State, marijuana is now legal to possess and smoke. I realized that all of those “Legalize It” T-shirts are now obsolete, so I’m pleased to introduce my new “Legalized It” line of products!

There are two designs available: A generic version, and one specific to Washington State.

"Legalized It " designs on my Zazzle store

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