8-Core Macs

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Kris and I were talking about the new Mac Pros this morning and how no one calls the 8-core an octo-core.

Kris: dang – 8-core Mac Pros… They’re expensive, but holy shit

Thomas: I know, I want one so bad. Last night I built one with 16GB of RAM and maxed out HDD and dual 30in monitors. Then I was sad because I couldn’t have it.

Kris: haha

Thomas: I just love how we had dual-core, then quad-core, and now we’re up to octo-core.

Kris: I love how nobody is calling it that.

Thomas: Which is weird, because it’s fun to say.

Kris: Like, people got to four and were like, “Yeah – quad”, but when they hit 8…”Um…what is that…quint? No…Uh…damn. 8 it is”

Thomas: But if it were 7, no one would shut the fuck up. “It’s a sexo-core! Hur hur hur!”

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