A Ghost From the Past

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Fate, it seems, is not without a sense of humour.

The day after my post about losing friends from the past, I get a message from this guy named Jason, who I used to be friends with. The message wasn’t entirely random; I had been actively trying to reconnect with him (among others). What was so strange was the timing of the message, as I had initially attempted to make contact with him a few months ago and hadn’t heard from him since.

Perhaps, then, I should take a moment to plug Friendster. A lot of people criticize the site, saying it’s rather useless. Kate Ashford writing for Popular Science magazine described Dodgeball as, “Friendster with a point.” Given its current limitations and my complete lack of a social life (not to mention my not really having many friends in Spokane), I’ll spend my Internet time-wasting moments on Friendster, thanks.

After all, I think that Friendster does have a point; and a very useful one at that. It is because of Friendster that I was able to once again find one my best and closest friends from high school. She and I had lost track of one another after graduation, each of us having attended different universities. Nothing unexpected there, right? Well, thanks to Friendster, not only did I find her again, but I found out that she now prefers to be referred to as a guy. That’s right, she has become a he. So, he and I started chatting via eMail and we have plans to see one another again this upcoming summer.

In fact, most of the people from my high school “clique” are members of Friendster. This has allowed me to keep in touch with people who I thought I would almost certainly never talk to again (well, at least not until the next reunion). Not only am I able to keep in touch with them, but Friendster has allowed me to slowly start catching up with everything I’ve missed. Some people have lost a ton of weight, others have gained a little more than some. Acquaintances and enemies are becoming friends; the real world, it seems, is a little colder than any of us expected. Other people have matured, a few have regressed. Pretty much everyone is more self-confident. In reading the profiles of old friends, I have learned things about people that I would never have suspected. One particularly conservative girl is now interested in things like, “bodies (and parts), drag, dykes, intimacy, dark rum,” and “sex/uality”. It turns out that one of my ex-girlfriends is a lesbian. Not only that, but she and another friend were experimenting with their sexuality during high school. I had no idea.

And so, in my quest to remake friends with everyone I’ve ever known, Jason brings me one step closer to my goal. Friendster has let me know a few interesting things about him, as well. For example, he’s now married, bisexual, and has nipple rings. The lanky, goofy kid I was in cub scouts with, and who we once stuffed into a twenty-inch cubed locker is now a self described, “thinker, lover, pirate”.

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