A Sign of the Recession

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PorscheThere’s a guy who parks his Porsche at a parking meter across the street from our building nearly every day, and nearly every day he gets a parking ticket. We all wonder why he doesn’t just feed the meter, since doing so would save him over $10 a day. We joke that he must be doing his part to boost the economy.

This morning we saw a sure sign that everyone is being hit hard by the economic crisis in our country: Porsche guy put money in the meter. None of us had ever seen him do it before, and everyone crowded around my window when I announced it to the office. Although I haven’t seen him plug the meter since then, he doesn’t have a ticket on his windshield yet.

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  1. Sean

    He is also a trust-fund baby that inherited almost 7figures. Don’t think a few tickets will bother him.

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