AEA Wrap Up

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I spent today at An Event Apart. There’s no way I could possibly describe everything, so I’ll just list some highlights.

Method Arts threw a party last night where Kris and I got free T-shirts. Beer is still gross.

During the conference, I sat next to Pete LePage, the Product Manager of the Developer Division of Internet Explorer 7 (I actually met him last night). He’s a really nice guy and he had some really encouraging things to say about IE7 and Windows Vista.

Jethro (from Throbosho) was there. He’s also a web developer.

Zeldman’s presentation has a slide in it titled “Underwear.”

Zeldman: “So what it says is–”

At this point, a woman in the audience sneezed. Everyone laughed.

Zeldman was saying something about the difference between PCs and Macs. I think he was dogging PCs a bit (I don’t exactly remember). As soon as he finished saying that, his Mac’s screen flashed blue (the same colour of blue as the BSOD).

I ate lunch with Eric Meyer (he came over to our table and asked if he could sit down at the last empty seat).

Kelly Goto (critiquing a website): “I’m not going to harsh on you.”


“Well, I am going to harsh on you a little bit.”

Zeldman: “The client payed, like, a million dollars for these colours and they’re vomit and chimp brains.”

As I was walking to the car from the after party, some guy walking down the street asked me if I knew where he could “get some grass.”

Highlight of the day: Having my photo taken with Zeldman and Eric Meyer (I’ll post the photo soon).

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  1. Phoenix


  2. Hey Thomas– glad you enjoyed the day! I know that I, too, was unable to get the phrase “vomit and chimp brains” out of my head. I think it came in only second to “fluffing their dog” for “Memorable Phrase-Turn of the Day”.

    Thanks for the great review, and for coming to AEA!

  3. Oh yeah, fluffing their dog. That was a good one, as well.

    Thanks for checking out my site and leaving a comment! Extra geek points for me. -)

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