ALLOpod Episode IV – Antiquity and the Avian Flu

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ALLOpod Episode IV – Antiquity and the Avian Flu

This month’s show kicks off with Everything You Read by Erik Ostrom. Then, for the first time on ALLOpod, my fiancée Morah joins us and answers questions about influenza and the avian flu. She said that best way to describe a virus is as an obligate intracellular parasite. Right, because that’s =exactly= how I describe a virus…

We chose the word, “histrion” this month because it’s so close to the word, “historian”. So what is the difference between a historian and a histrion? That is the question, isn’t it?

Then, you’ve been waiting for it for two months: our interview with history professor Dr. Bill Youngs. Dr. Youngs talks about his books and answers the question, “What kind of job can you get with a history degree, besides a history teacher?” Turns out, there are quite a few jobs out there.

Dr. Youngs also talks about his time at the University of California in Berkley during the Free Speech Movement in the mid 1960s, as well as how the death of Martin Luthor King Jr. affected the Berkley campus.

Erik Ostrom carries us into our next section with his dream-like song, You Were Watching the Sky.

Then, in true ALLOpod fashion, it goes way, way out there and we can’t stop mentioning a certain part of the female anatomy. Are you embarrassed easily? It’s clear we aren’t.

And we can’t forget about Andrew Burton’s technology haiku!


battery is low

charging charging charging then

battery is dead

We don’t have an interview lined up for next month just yet, but once we do, I’ll post it here and you’ll be able to submit your questions.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or comments, or if you want to hear your name mentioned in our shout-outs, e-mail us at: podcast alifelessordinary . Be sure to mention if you want to be included in the shout-outs and if you do, please include your location (for example, “Thomas in Spokane, WA” or “Phoenix in Japan”).


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