ALLOpod Episode IX – Live From Seattle!

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ALLOpod Episode IX – Live From Seattle!

Howard Stern isn’t the only one who gets to have hot sexy girls in the studio. Musician Joe Sibol helped us out with his song Hot Sexy Girls.

This month’s show is not only a little late (sorry! Man, have I been busy lately), and was done back to front. We started this month’s show with our interview with Jethro and Beau of the new sketch comedy show, Throbosho! The guys told us about their (*ahem*) creative process, what they do in their spare time, and their aspirations for the future.

Since we were in Seattle, we had Andrew Burton stop by to read this month’s technology haiku:


talk long distances

the internet unites us

all faces flatscreen

Andrew answered a few questions about his creative process before pizza drew him away.

Joe Sibol’s song Inspiration of Love carried us into the second half of the show, where guest-host Kris Boustedt and I discussed a number of different topics, including Washington state’s recent legislation outlawing smoking in many public areas, the U.S. government spying on U.S. citizens with wiretaps, and a really deep discussion about wealth and self-worth.

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