ALLOpod Episode VI – Kris, God, and Ultracold Atomic Physics

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ALLOpod Episode VI – Kris, God, and Ultracold Atomic Physics

On and On by Everyday Jones was the song we chose to start out ALLOpod this month.

Though he helped me out with the first thing I ever recorded for ALLOpod, it took until episode six for Kris to be on the show (by the way, the first thing I ever recorded for ALLOpod was the interview with Vote for Pedro in episode one. Kris ran the audio board while I interviewed the band). Emily and I had been wanting to get Kris on the show, but we live on opposite sides of the state, so that has made it pretty impossible.

This month, he happened to be in town, so we finagled him into being on the show. And since he was the guest of honor, we had him get the show going by reading Peter Bowler’s Superior word of the month. We even let him choose the word! He chose the word popinjay. I have no idea why.

The three of us got into a pretty heavy discussion about God and religion based on a conversation Kris and I had earlier that day. The basic idea is that it’s illogical to thank God for your successes and blame him for your failures.

We then talked about the war on Christmas and all agreed that it’s ridiculous that anyone would want anyone else to stop saying Merry Christmas. I know I’m biased, but I think we have a pretty strong argument.

As it turns out, I misattributed my quote about religion being a virus. It was Arthur C. Clark who said, “religion is the most malevolent and persistent of all mind-viruses. We should get rid of it as quick as we can.”

Kris brought up the amazing dinner we had eaten the night before. We went to a restaurant called Marrakesh here in Spokane and it was =amazing=. Kris mentioned feeling guilty about eating lamb, which led to a discussion about production for use (we helped Kris feel better).

All good things must come to an end, and our conversation with Kris was no exception. We wrapped up our conversation with Andrew Burton’s technology haiku:

“christmas 2.0”

i need the new one

this season has expired

christmas 2.0

After the haiku, Emily and I interviewed Colin Connelly, a graduate student at Harvard University. Colin is working toward his PhD in ultracold atomic physics. I have no idea either, but Colin explains it, so you’ll just have to listen. Turns out, it’s pretty dangerous. Colin outlined a number of ways to get hurt (or even die) in the lab. To lighten the mood a bit, he indulged us with a physics joke.

Everyday Jones carried us out of the interview with Here I Am.

And that’s about it for episode six.

Next month’s interview will be with someone. You know you want to tune in.

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