ALLOpod Episode VII – First Episode of the Year of the Dog

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ALLOpod Episode VII – First Episode of the Year of the Dog

This month’s first song is Beautiful in Grey by David Gielan (whose name I have no idea how to pronounce). But it’s the first podcast of the new year! We’ve done the maths and looks like we have an average of 400 d/ls every month. Not too shabby! Hopefully with some more aggressive marketing, we can boost those numbers.

This is an exciting year for ALLOpod. Not only do we already have several great interviews lined up, but we’ll be getting our hands on some new gear. Our first big purchase is a limiter (it’s already on its way), which should help keep us from clipping (among other things).

Unfortunately, our budget is still pretty thin, and all out of pocket, so we’re looking to get underwriting and single-episode sponsors. Underwriters would get a number of benefits, including prominent mentions in each episode, the show notes, and on the main podcast page. Single-episode sponsors would get sixty seconds to deliver any message they’d like. However, we’ve decided to let the first three sponsors have two minutes instead. If you’re interested in underwriting or sponsoring the show, send an e-mail to podcast alifelessordinary and we’ll send you more information.

We’re also going to be running at least one contest this year, the details of which we’ll disclose in the near future.

Another new feature is something we’re calling ALLOpod Extras. These will be short episodes that we release periodically and that focus on a single topic. Keep an eye out for the first one, and you’ll see what I mean.

We’ll also be starting a book club. Our first book will be announced next month.

One last feature we wanted to tell you about is that we will begin creating enhanced podcasts that have chapter stops and photos in them. If you’d like to take advantage of the enhanced features, you’ll need to listen via iTunes.

In yet another scatter-brained show, we talked about all sorts of things, ranging from the founding of Rome (and ab urbe condita) to doggie bags. I’m not sure how we got there, but listen and find out.

Recognizing that we were really straying off-topic, we decided to listen to David Gielan’s Through These Eyes. And what would ALLOpod be without Andrew Burton’s technology haiku?

“winter computers”

computers can work

longer, harder, and better

now i sleep all day

Afterward we had a long discussion about the film Brokeback Mountain and human sexuality. By the way, the version of Romeo and Juliet we mention was director by Franco Zeffirelli. In the course of our conversation, I felt it important to point out the difference between sexual orientation and sexual preference; they’re not interchangeable and I wanted to make sure everyone knew why.

Next month’s interview will be with Stu Evey. Mr. Evey was one of the co-founders of ESPN. We’ll be talking with him about what it took to get ESPN up and running, as well as his thoughts about the direction that ESPN is headed. We’re taking your questions for Mr. Evey, so get them in ASAP!

If you have any questions or comments, e-mail us at: podcast alifelessordinary . If you send us a question or comment, be sure to mention if you want to be included in the shout-outs.

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  1. Nice blog, gay writer here. Just posted about Brokeback.

  2. Hey, thanks! I’ll check out your blog as well. -)