American Heritage Is No Party

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To update you on the library situation (see previous post), a number of people are creating ads and offering their services for free so the library can try to save itself. People all over the country are calling in wanting to donate money to help keep the library afloat. It’s kind of funny how people around here really don’t seem to care all that much, but people on the East coast are freaking out about it.

The people who are really trying to get the library shut down are from the American Heritage Party. For some reason, these people want to abolish the government and get rid of taxes. Which is stupid. I don’t recall our country being founded on ‘no government at all,’ rather it was just, ‘not that government over there.’ What are they going to do without a government? Go back to the pilgrims’ style of living? We tried communism once and everybody died. Then we tried capitalism and look where we are now. Some people can be so dumb.

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